Sunday, April 21, 2013


By Simon Fischler

Taking up the fight against the Boycott Divestment Sanction movement is of utmost importance for Israel and its supporters around the world.

But first, Israel and its supporters must realize this is not a clean fight.

No, this is a dirty street fight with our lives on the line, and we must be ready to protect ourselves and our nation to the end.

For pro-Israel students and activists around the world who wish to combat the RACIST and ANTI-SEMITIC, BDS movement and their sponsors Hamas  I have some ideas that might be useful.

On every campus pro-Israel students should dress up as suicide bombers; then burst into seminars, lectures, classes, cafeterias and the BDS Klan meetings. They should then simulate an explosion, using party poppers and confetti “bombs” ... splattering harmless red shreds all over the assembled.

After this the students can then explain why the wall Israel built should be called the WALL OF LIFE.

Along with the fake suicide bombers pro-Israel activists and students should also form Qassam rocket teams.

Using hockey sticks, umbrella’s and maybe even a few metal polls -- these teams should hurl the objects into University Quads, student unions and lecture halls, simulating explosions, playing the sound of the Red Color warning system (the system used to warn Sderot citizens of rocket attacks.) and simulating Israeli ambulance responses to the rocket attacks.

After the simulated rocket attacks these student teams should congratulate and hand out medals to the academics on campus who support the BDS movement and their sponsors Hamas. These medals will be given for their firm support of terrorizing civilians and therefor adding and abiding war crimes against Israelis!

Enormous posters (which will necessitate funding) should be put up on all campuses.

These poster will show a before and after scene.

The first posters should be of Haj Amin al-Husseini. The first true leader of the Palestinian people, planning the Final Solution with Adolf Hitler in Berlin.

Other posters of Haj admiring the Nazi, S.S., Muslim, troops of the Balkans, he created must also go up. In fact these should go up all over American cities, with the tag line, "Did you know the Palestinian cause was created by Nazi's?"

The after, will be pictures of dead Jews in concentration camps!

Other before posters will be of life that proceeded Yasser Arafat’s rejection of Palestinian Statehood and peace in 2000 at Camp David and Taba.

That is, before Arafat decided to rip up the Oslo accords and then defecate them out onto the Israeli peace-camp and the Barak Government.

Before Arafat decided to start a war against Israel’s citizens.

These pictures will show Palestinians freely working in Israel, no checkpoints, NO WALL, and Israelis freely enjoying shopping in Palestinian cities.

The After pictures will show pictures of the aftermath of the Park Hotel bombing, Sbarro bombing and all the other bombings on buses and so on, and of course the WALL OF LIFE!

Pro-Israel activists must show that Israeli Arabs enjoy all the benefits of Israeli democracy.

Large placards with all the Israeli Arab Knesset members should be posted, with the sentence “THIS IS APARTHEID?” around all BDS get togethers and activities.

Another good example would be the Knesset allocation of two hundred and fifty million shekels to the Arab communities on an almost yearly basis.

Pictures of any Israeli Emergency room will suffice to shoot down any comparison to an Apartheid state.

It must be made clear that the supporters of the BDS movement are in no way defenders of equal rights, liberty or justice.

It must be made clear that they speak for and advocate the destruction of. Jewish Self-Determination and a MAJORITY JEWISH Democratic nation State.

The BDS movement says the Palestinians deserve an Arab, Muslim nation state, but the Jewish Nation does not deserve self determination in its own land.

This policy is cruel and anti-Semitic, as well as being racist and bigoted and this must be made CLEAR!

Quotes from Omar Barghouti and the rest of the BDS movement heads stating openly that their goal is the destruction of Israel must be distributed with the question “WHO’S REALLY THE RACIST?”

Here is the deal: we need to fight BDS; they need to be exposed in their true colors, as anti-Semitic racists who want to commit genocide against the Jewish Nation state.


  1. Right on! Except I'm afraid the fake suicide bombings could get some of the Israel supporters killed or in huge legal troubles ...

  2. “Good Jews don't support Israel”, this was a newspaper headline in England. It could put their lives in danger on the streets of England. In America it is true for different reason. Many America Rabbi’s, Jews and Zionists have divided minds, half of it supports Israel and other half supports the Palestinians. My question? Supporting Palestinians to do what? Kill more Jews, Israelis or their Arab brothers?
    This is even true with my close friends. Every time I ask them to help support Israel. They respond, “What about the Palestinians?”
    I don’t want to say this. I am a shamed to say this. But it must be said!
    A Wiesenthal Center spokesperson agrees. I wish he had disagreed.

    Respectfully yours,

    Robin Rosenblatt
    Israel Longhorn Project
    P.O. Box 1225 or 815 Hill St. # 5
    Belmont, CA 94002