Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Dear Saeb Erekat,
Saeb, you've been at it again: you’ ve let your lying tongue slip once more. How did you desecrate the truth this time? You made the audacious -- and completely false -- claim to be a descendant of the Canaanite people.
Well, Saeb, here's the problem with that: the Canaanites are a people long dead, with absolutely no historic connection to the Arab peoples.
Does that mean that you are disavowing your Arab ethnic and cultural heritage? No, you are not doing that, so let's drop the bullshit that your ancestors have been in the land of Israel for centuries.
Saeb, are you admitting that you are a Hebrew? No, of course not. So once gain, your ancestors cannot have lived in Israel for 5000 years as you so glibly implied, nor were they there before Joshua Bin-Nun, another of your fictions.
Are you a Philistine -- an invading Greek people closely related to the Mycenaeans, another people with no connection whatsoever to the Arab nation? The Philistines were the people of Goliath and are yet another people long since gone from the face of the earth. No, you are not even remotely related to nor descended from any of these ancient and now extinct peoples.  
No, Saeb Erekat, you are an Arab. Most importantly you are a member of the Erekat clan. And where does the Erekat clan -- its roots and history – start, you may ask?
That question is very easy to answer: the Erekat clan, to which Saeb belongs one hundred percent, originates from the Howeitat tribal region of Saudia Arabia.
That is right, Mr. Erekat, you and your ancestors are from Arabia, not the Levant.
Even more important is the fact that many important clans in the "Howeitat" region, the Erekat Clan included, did not leave the Arabian peninsula until the late 17th and early 18th centuries when the Bedouin Wahhabis pushed them out for “Islamic uncleanliness!”
Saeb, you say Israel is a racist state that the world should punish, yet it is you and your leader Mahmoud Abbas who promise the Arab world that your new Palestinian state will be Jew free!
It is you who demands recognition of your nation-wannabe while denying recognition to Israel as the Jewish state. You are so unbelievably racist and hypocritical one wonders how John Kerry can even bear to be in the same room with you.
In the end, Saeb, it is not just that you are a liar -- you are a horrible one. In truth, your lies are just a metaphor for the whole lie of the Palestinian people!
There is no Palestinian people; there never has been one -- not a mention, not once, in the annals of history.
A foreign invader calling the nation of Israel “Palestinia” after conquering it doesn’t count!
You and your Arab cohorts are asking the Jewish nation to sign off on a peace agreement that recognizes a "Palestinian People".
You demand that the Jewish Nation sign off on this re-write of history. Yet you say you will not recognize our nation.
The Jewish nation, with or without your recognition, has a documented history written in archaeology, in the very stones of the land. This history of the Jewish nation is one of life and leadership encompassing not decades, not centuries, but thousands of years!
No matter how much you attempt to re-write history and lie, you will fail.  
Israel, Judea and its people were around long before you and your ancestors arrived. They will be here long after the world has forgotten you and yours. 

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