Monday, February 3, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

John Kerry is on the defensive; make no mistake about that.

The Secretary of State has done everything possible to coerce Israel into signing a “peace” treaty with the Arabs that, in the end, will not bring peace at al.

What’s different now is that Israeli politicians are unabashedly — openly — ripping Kerry; exposing his flawed “Framework” and hammering away at his bias in favor of the Arabs.

MK Moti Yogev has summarized the Secretary of State’s flaws as accurately as anyone in Jerusalem.

“Kerry,” Yogev points out, “has an anti-Israel foundation in that he does not come to compromise but instead comes with unequivocal answers about shrinking the Land of Israel and establishing a Palestinian state.”

To better understand how Kerry relentlessly chipped away at Israel’s position all you have to do is recall what happened at the beginning of negotiations.

It was agreed that neither side would be asked to make concessions nor would there be any leaks to the media.

But Kerry wasted no time doing a turnabout. When the Arabs threatened to scuttle negotiations unless Israel agreed to release prisoners, the American began his endless arm-twisting of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Meanwhile, the Arabs never moved from their demands while conceding nothing.

“Kerry,” adds Yogev, “became an unfair broker. He is not fit to mediate here because his positions are pre-determined.”

Not only are they pre-determined but totally unrealistic. Even if a deal should be hammered out with Abbas, Inc. it still would leave Israel vulnerable to threats from Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, not to mention any number of factions in Syria.

You can bet that — faster than you can say Neville Chamberlain — Abbas would rip up any “peace” treaty with Israel and side with his buddies who have an everlasting hate for Jews.

Then there’s the matter of Kerry’s convoluted values.

He makes an endless fuss about Jews building weapons-free apartments and homes in Judea and 
Samaria — each of which Israel can legally claim as its own — but never says a word about rockets fired from Gaza residential areas.

Meanwhile, the supposedly fair Secretary of State ignores Bashar Assad’s continuing failure on his promise to surrender his chemical weapon stockpile. He ignores the dangerous uprising of the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida affiliates in Egypt. 

When one consider these issues — and Kerry’s inevitable tilt toward the Arab side — one can understand Moti Yogev’s implication that the American diplomat is guided by anti-Semitism.

With that in mind, I say that Israel should give the Arabs nothing; until they convince Bibi that they really are willing to welcome Israelis as true neighbors; not as perennial enemies.