Wednesday, February 26, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

In a very short time John Kerry will drop his “Framework” bomb.

As his boss, Barack Obama, promises, he will have Israel’s back.

One problem, it’s a knife that the Democrat is planting between Benjamin Netanyahu’s ribs.

Granted, I have good friends — my trusty Israeli family — who beg to differ and I utterly respect their views.

But when push comes to shove, I have a deep gut feeling that neither the secretary of state nor the president can be trusted when it comes to backing the only democracy in the Middle East.

Their talk invariably is cheap and deceptive. Their actions — over and over and over again — are subversive to Israel’s best interests.

Obama-Kerry knew that Iran was on its knee, ready to cave under increased sanctions. The Democrats understood that Israel wanted the sanctions ratted up not only for Israel’s sake but for the entire Middle East as well.

Instead the knife went right into Bibi’s back and he wasted no time calling the sanction-easing a “bad deal.”

The White House knows that more than 100,000 Syrians have been killed in that country’s Civil War and yet Obama-Kerry maintain their do-nothing policy toward Damacus. But the secretary of state gets all hot and bothered because peaceful Israelis want to build in Judea and Samaria.

The administration allows Israel to be mis-labelled an apartheid state but keeps its mouth shut when it comes to the real apartheid states — Saudi Arabia, Gaza, Iran. 

Based on the above and innumerable examples of Uncle Sam deceiving Israel, MK David Rotem correctly wonders about Kerry: “How can we trust you? When have you stood by us in the past?”

This summarizes precisely my gut feeling; that Kerry cannot be trusted.

Does that mean that Bibi should go along with America’s “Framework?” 

To some intelligent Israelis, the answer is affirmative if only to take the negotiations as far as possible without allowing the Prime Minister to be the first to be labelled “chicken.”

That’s fine with me as long as Israel is protected on all sides and in every possible way.

I’ll go along with that, still filled with the feeling that — sooner or later — Obama-Kerry will stab Bibi in the back as has been done too often in the past.

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  1. i don't trust kerry and oh bummer, as far as can pick them up and throw them. there is an old yiddishe saying. "amerika leift, amerika ganeft." america runs, america steals. whomsoever puts out their hand the furthest, there they are. so i don't trust them. what is their motto, IN G D WE TRUST. big joke, joke of the century.