Wednesday, February 19, 2014


By Simon Fischler

The American Department of Homeland Securities made a mistake by leaking information about terror chatter today.

Do Americans need to know about chatter connected with another shoe bomb attempt against airlines flying to America? 

Will the European public or Americans in Europe stop flying to America? 

Doubt it, so why scare the public in this manner? 

Is it Al-Qaida behind the chatter? Likely not. 

It is more plausible that this is Hezbollah chatter. 

America and it's Saudi partner broke the news this week that they'd be upping the stakes in Syria by arming the secular rebels and more secular (if there is such a thing) jihadist rebels with heavy weapons. 

This did not go over well with Iran, Hezbollah and their puppet al-Assad. 

With the nuclear talks between Iran and the United States restarting yesterday threats from the theocratic Mullahs is also to be expected. 

It does not help that the Mullahs had a front seat to watch Obama cower to Putin. To them he is an indecisive weakling. 

This terror alert should have been kept quiet. 

Better not to create the hysteria because it plays into the hands of the terrorists whether it is the Iranians or Global Jihad (Al-Qaida). 

It is important to remember The shoe chatter is used to take the attention away from what is really going to be used. 

The eyes of homeland security and the NTSB should be focused on lipstick, make-up, creams etc., anything but a shoe. 

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