Thursday, April 17, 2014


By Sig Demling

                         All The News That’s Fit To Print — New York Times Slogan

Every day newspaper readers in the United States and other precincts are greeted with the above-mentioned slogan when they pick up the alleged newspaper of record.

But any serious journalistic critique of the New York Times will reveal that it merely is the newspaper with loads of space to fill. And it fulfills that challenge well with an assortment of human interest features, news of the lively arts and sports.

All of the aforementioned are relatively — but never completely — harmless and reasonably informative.

The major problem, issue — call it what you will — is that the Times,based on its reputation, is a complete and unequivocal fraud.

It is a fraud because it pretends to be a few things — among them honest, fair and accurate — but misses each of those targets by newspaper miles.

The Times coverage of the Middle East is dictated by an unmistakeableanti-Israel agenda. It always has been part and parcel of the broad-sheet’s policy but took a hideous turn to an even-worse level once William Safire’s op-ed column was deleted from the paper.

Brilliant both in his writing and insights, Safire had access to leaders such as Ariel Sharon and the thinking of Benjamin Netanyahu among others who understood Israel’s need to fervently protect the nation by force, if necessary, when tissue-paper treaties are ripped by Arab nations.

The exit of Safire and the emergence of Thomas Friedman — Jewish in name only — marked the Times rabid swing to the Arab side. As anyone with a fair journalist mind can detect, Friedman’s anti-Israel prejudice is redundant to the point of boredom.

One thread can be found from Friedman through to the editorial writers as well as Times’ staffers in Jerusalem who invariably write with an egregious favoritism for the Arabs.

The bottom line is that the alleged “newspaper of record” is nothing close to being same. Week in and week out the Times presents an imbalanced hatred of israel while — head buried firmly in the sand — supporting dictatorial Arab states. This totally irrational stance is out of touch with reality on the ground yet is presented with blithe disregard of the truth.

For keen White House observers this should not come as a surprise. The Times has unabashedly been the mouthpiece for Barack Obama whose policies have been to undermine Israel at every turn in the road which now is pockmarked with John Kerry’s political potholes.

You won’t find such observations in the Times because the only news it fits to print about Israel is overwhelmingly negative.

— end it --

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  1. it's all about the back pocket. (money.) not about the truth. brownie points, in the end, they won.t earn. because, what they don't see with their eyes, or hear with their ears, they invent with their mouth. they forget something very important. they are not muslim, therefore they are classed as infidels. in plain words, HARAM. the koran says it is their duty to kill infidels. they kill their own people, so what do these journalists expect? a cup of coffee?