Tuesday, April 29, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

With exceptional fuss and fanfare a long, long time ago, John Kerry launched the latest of a long line of American-sponsored "peace processes."

Just to be sure that he had enough time to pressure Israel into making incredible concessions to the Arabs, the Secretary of State set an April 29 "deadline" to then bring the curtain down on talks. 

Well, Super-John, the curtain has closed and you look like a horse's ass.

Worst still, Kerry comes off as a bitter horse's ass as well because the team he backed all the way, Abbas, Inc. failed him.

If he was a man, Barack Obama's stooge would have stepped forward and ripped the Palestinians for their endless bluster and obstructionism that meant the talks -- as we and others had predicted -- were doomed to failure.

Instead, Can't-Get-It-Done Kerry did what he's been doing for months; instead of accepting blame for his failure, he indicted Israel in the most heinous manner possible; suggesting that the Middle East's only democracy will someday become an apartheid state.

The Secretary knew before he uttered the filthy word that it would sting Benjamin Netanyahu -- not to mention millions of Israelis -- to the very core. 

Kerry understood all along that he was delivering the ultimate gratuitous kick in Israel's ass and yet -- with not a whit of compunction whatsoever -- he maligned America's foremost ally in the region without blinking an eye. 

This ultimate of cheap-shots was Kerry's strategy to avoid addressing the sole cause for his "peace" crusade's failure -- the reconciliation of Hamas and its once sworn enemy, the PA. No more, no less.

His cowardice at the forefront, Kerry maintained the same anti-Israel stance that surfaced from the very moment last Fall when he allowed Abbas to set what became a series of pre-conditions that inevitably forced Bibi to finally say enough already.

No question, Abbas expected Obama-Kerry to force Israel into still further concessions and, even though he certainly didn't have to compromise his position even more, Bibi did produce still further offers.

Kerry knew this but when the Palestinians pulled their "We going to the UN" move, the Secretary understood that Israel had no choice to end the giveaways.

It was a grand opportunity for John The Jerk to finger the culprit, Abbas. 

But, no, he knifed Bibi with his poof crack that it was Israel that ended the negotiation.

We could say that such immoral White House behavior has been the norm throughout the phony "peace process" but, then again, that would be redundant.

What really matters is that April 29th has arrived and Kerry's irresponsible plan has gone the way of Grimm's Fairy Tales!

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