Saturday, April 26, 2014


By Sig Demling

John Kerry did everything he could to make Mahmoud Abbas look like a peacemaker. 

But just as you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken doo-doo, converting a Jew-hating Arab into St. Francis of Assisi is a feat that can’t even be contrived by the best of the White House marionette-makers.

Kerry knew the fraudulent nature of Abbas, Inc. all along. The Secretary of State simply played dumb and dumber — somehow hoping that enough Israeli concessions would finally persuade the Arabs to talk peace.

Have the Arabs ever wanted peace? Of course not. History repeatedly has demonstrated that truth.

But the latest merging of Hamas and the PA essentially made Kerry look either like a Pennsylvania Avenue ostrich or the second coming of Pollyanna. A mildly terrorist group (the PA) becomes betrothed to a hideous, venal bunch of rocket-launching madmen (Hamas) and the world is wising up about the Middle East.

Even the heavily pro-Arab State Department betrayed its dismay over the Hamas-Abbas marriage and when such a traumatic — for State, that is — development takes place, you know that the Arabs have been taking their NO-NO-NO over Israel to new depths of deception.

Not surprisingly the rain of rockets continues to fall on Israeli soil and so far, at least, the response from Benjamin Netanyahu has been tepid to say the least. 

Perhaps, for the moment, Bibi’s reaction is the more prudent way to go but any continuation of the barrage should, once and for all, inspire a tenfold counter-attack in return. After all the Prime Minister has played Mister Nice Guy long enough.

As for the that phantom bit of business called the “Peace Process,” when all is said and done, Kerry struck out. No more; no less.

Never mind all the so-called energy he delivered, and the time spent shuttling back and forth. The bottom line still is the same bottom line it was ten, twenty, thirty years ago — and more.

The Arabs — as in Nasrallah, Abbas, Hamas, you name it — simply do not want to make peace with Israel. 

In this case, Kerry winds up being a Middle East version of Humpty Dumpty. And now that all his fuss, fanfare and bluster have been expended, the Secretary of State has had a great fall. 

And all of Obama’s horses and men can’t put poor Humpty Kerry together again!

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