Thursday, April 10, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

You could have bet on this the moment John Kerry launched his endless charade known as the “peace process.”

From Day One to the present, it was inevitable that blame for failure of the Arab-Israeli talks would be placed by the Obama team on the Jews.

It didn’t matter that from the get-go Mahmoud Abbas was the key obstructionist on any run to first base.

Nor did it matter that Kerry’s promises to be an honest broker was an outright lie. 

Every Israeli concession — especially the prisoner releases — was greeting by a stonewall reaction from the other side. 

Benjamin Netanyahu conceded and Abbas, Inc. remained steadfast, demanding even more concessions. 

Not once during this maniacal merry-go-ground did Kerry single out the Arabs for criticism.

The Palestinian mantra that consists of NO-NO-NO along with constant incitements agains the only true Middle East democracy never inspired criticism from the White House nor its stooge Secretary of State. 

Energetic Kerry may have been but fair he was not; not at the start and certainly not now that talks have reached their expected collapse.

I predicted here from the moment of Obama’s first election victory that Israel would be egregiously dumped upon by the president and none of his moves from that moment on has altered my thinking.

In his own not-so-subtle way Kerry has been despicably pro-Arab. His latest comment, blaming Israel simply underlines this point:

The Jewish State hasn’t a chance of fair treatment under this administration.

What Bibi and his Knesset must decide is what form of strategy to assume until a new American president takes office.

Bottom Line: Kerry has failed while taking the easy way out; blame Israel!

— end it --

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