Thursday, January 28, 2016


By ⚜The Duke of The North⚜

On this Holocaust Remembrance Day I want to remember the Six Million Jews murdered under the Nazi banner by the citizens of Europe. I also want to talk a little bit about Zionism and the threats facing Israel.

What many people do not understand or totally ignore (just today the ruler of Iran once again denied the holocaust) is that the holocaust is but one giant blip of many genocidal pogroms, attacks and mass murders, that have been carried out throughout history against the Jewish people both in the native land of the Jews, Israel, and while the Jews were in exile. 

There are estimates that one million Jews were in Jerusalem when the Roman army (the ancient EU, or European colonialists) laid siege to Jerusalem, destroyed the Temple, sacked the city and committed genocide against the Jewish people.  

Today's follow up to the holocaust is to deny Zionism and the undeniable right for Israel to exist as the Jewish Nation state.

To deny Zionism, is to deny the internationally accepted (from the San Remo conference to the UN resolution of a Jewish State) and unalienable rights of the Jewish People, the indigenous people of Israel. And this slippery slope is how the holocaust came about. 

Just as the Nazis defied international law, today's anti-Semitic, anti-Israel community does the same.

At yet another protest against Israel the hatred and sickness of anti-Semitism that has long enabled points of complete madness and hatred towards Jews like the holocaust to happen was on stark display.

This time those raging their Jew hatred happened to be members of the Lesbian and Gay community. 

Most interesting was one of the signs being held up, it truly caught my attention, it said "Zionism Sucks". 

If we were to reverse this situation and apply that bigoted sign towards those holding it, the new sign would read "Gay Rights Suck". Imagine that! 

Zionism is the oldest national freedom fighting movement. It has been around since the Jewish people rejected slavery in Egypt, since the Maccabean revolt against the Seleucid Empire and since the Bar-Kokbah revolt against Rome.

Zionism is not based on the holocaust, it was around long before the holocaust occurred.

Israel as we know it, the end result of thousands of years of Jewish freedom fighting to get their home land back is the antithesis of the holocaust. Israel is the insurance policy that a holocaust against the Jewish people will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, period!

Zionism is the historically, scientifically and archaeologically based fact of the Jewish nations birth in Israel and its permanent abode in Israel throughout history. This fact is based on science and denying it is outright bigoted racism. 

It is the Jews who are the indigenous people of Israel and it Israel is that is the indigenous home of the Jew. 

Those who oppose Israel today are no different from the Nazis of Germany and their many anti-Semitic (the majority of Europeans during World War Two were supporters of fascist Nazi parties) allies throughout Europe. 

Today all one needs to do is look to the north, to Sweden to see the hideous Foreign Minister of that country, Margot Wallstrom, she truly is the manifestation of today's Fascists, leftist, anti-Semitism. 

Today many who oppose Israel are not the normal fascists of the past, the far right, and this is used to try and cover up their anti-Semitism. 

Today many who hate Jewish freedom and yearn to see it destroyed come from the Left. But, their hatred and desire to attack Israel, to destroy Jewish freedom makes them equal to the fascists of yesterday.

The dream of these new Jew haters is to turn back time and to erase one of the greatest achievements in history for indigenous peoples around the world. 

Israel is the first point in history that an indigenous people fought back and won their freedom and self-determination in their homeland after years of colonization, ethnic cleansing and genocide. The fact that the Jewish nation did this against the imperialist, colonialist Arab regimes backed by Oil money and with help from powerful European allies like England, the Soviet Union and with the help of Muslim world is nothing short of a miracle and happened solely because Israel is right! 

On this Holocaust Remembrance Day we will remember the Six Million Jews murdered at the hands of the European Nazis, murdered at the hands of the Nazi Arabs lead by Haj Amin al-Husseini. 

But also on this Holocaust Remembrance Day we will remind the Jew haters of the world that we are aware of their new anti-Semitism, their Jew-hating anti-Zionism and it will not succeed.

We will remind those trying to enact another holocaust by destroying Israel that we are serious when we say, NEVER AGAIN, and now we have the Israel Defense Forces to back up that sentence! 

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