Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Jewish People, The Indigenous People of Israel

By Simon Fischler 

Below are definitions of words from the Oxford Dictionary. They will help people understand why the Jewish people are the true indigenous people of Israel.

Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native:

Old English, from ecclesiastical Latin Sion, from Hebrew ṣīyōn. 
The hill of Jerusalem on which the city of David was built.
2.   Jerusalem 
3.   The Jewish People or Religion 

Middle English: from Old French juiu, via Latin from Greek Ioudaios, via Aramaic from Hebrew yĕhūḏī, from yĕhūḏāh 'Judah' (see Judah).

A member of the people and cultural community whose traditional religion is Judaism and who trace their origins to the ancient Hebrew 
people of Israel.

Origin- from Greek Hierousalem, from Hebrew Yerushalayim, literally "foundation of peace," from base of yarah "he threw, cast" + shalom "peace."

The holy city of the Jews, sacred also to Christians and Muslims, lying in the Judaean hills about 20 miles (32 km) from the River Jordan; population 763,600 (est. 2008).

A member of a Semitic people, originally from the Arabian peninsula 

Who are the indigenous people of Israel? Jews are the indigenous people of Israel.

The Jewish Nation, The Children of Israel was born in the ancient land of Israel. If you buy an Israeli newspaper you will see two dates, January 13, 2016 or Shevat 3, 5776. 

Shevat is the Hebrew month and the Five Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Six years stands for the time the Jewish people sees itself as existing as a distinct, ethnic and culturally unique people connected to Israel. 

Nobody has the right to take that away from us! 

There were Jewish Kingdoms and Jewish States in Israel long before there were European States or Arab/Islamic States.

Israel as a National entity and as a people, lived and breathed inside of Israel long before Mohammad was born and long before there was an Islam. 

For centuries the Jew Haters have singled out and killed the Jew because we were a unique and distinct people. 

Today, these same Jew haters are attempting to reverse this. 

Like the ancient Romans, todays Jews Haters are trying to strike at the very core of the Jewish People by denying our National rights.

It was the Romans who intentionally burned Jerusalem to the ground. They did this hoping they would get the same outcome as they did from the destruction of Carthage. 

The Romans went so far in their attempts to erase Jewish history that they renamed the province of Judea to Palestinia and Jerusalem to Aelia Capitalina. Therefore the name Palestine itself is a European name representing colonialism, invasion and occupation.

Today’s Jew haters are no different than the Romans of old. 

They wish to negate thousands of years of Jewish history. They wish to deny our culture which has made us a distinct and unique people, because these miscreants wish to deny us our self-determination. 

After thousands of years of killing us for being a people, today they say we Jews are no longer a people at all.

Of course saying that takes totally destroying the science of archeology. 

It takes denying every ancient find in Israel that has Hebrew and Jewish artifacts and meaning and throwing them into the dust bin of history. 

But this is nothing new, after all we have seen Nazi’s attempt to burn Jewish history and books before, haven't we!

To deny that the Jews are a people takes looking up at the Arch of Titus in Rome and pretending that that very arch wasn't built by Romans celebrating the destruction of Jerusalem and the Jewish State of Judah.

To deny that the Jews are a people is to deny the Tanach, The New Testament and even the Quran.

Hebrew, Israelite and Jewish culture, laws and society were formed by the  physical land of Israel. We Jews were forced to take on certain dietary and cultural laws to protect our people while living in the harsh changing climates of ancient Israel.

Today many call these Laws the Jewish Religion. 

They were laws for the children of Israel long before they were a religion. 

These laws were formed to keep the Jewish people together, alive and to remind the Jewish people of their true home, Israel. These laws have worked so well they have kept the Jewish Nation together as a people for thousands of years and through some of the harshest conditions a nation has faced. 

This is why our connection to the land of Israel cannot be broken. Not even after thousands of years of exile and the occupation and colonization of our land by Europeans and Arab Muslims. 

The connection that the Jewish people have towards the land of Israel is so strong that you can take the Jew out of Israel, but you can never take Israel out of the Jew. 

This point is proven when Jews who happen to be living outside of Israel recite every year during Pesach Sedar, “Next Year in Jerusalem”. This sentence, this longing for home has been recited for thousands of years.

No Arab, nor any Muslim can make this statement. Because the Arab people and their political/religious movement Islam was not created in Israel. 

The Arab people are indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula, hence the name Arab. To say that Arabs are indigenous to Israel is to say that White Europeans are indigenous to the United States of America and Canada. 

The Arab people, like the White Europeans in America and Canada, invaded and occupied Israel. 

Like white Europeans in the USA and Canada, Arabs have had generations born inside of Israel. But like white Europeans in American they are STILL the descendants of an invading and occupying people. 

In no way are Arabs indigenous to Israel, their culture and their polictical/religious movement is indigenous to the Arabian peninsula. Their cities are Mecca and Medina. Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the Quran while it is mentioned six hundred and sixty nine times in the Tanach.

Jews like Native Americans were in Israel long before Arabs, had established societies inside of Israel before Arabs and were invaded and displaced by Europeans and Arabs. 

White Europeans, can never truly say that they are indigenous to the United States of America because they invaded and conquered the land. The same goes for the Arabs occupying parts of Israel. .

The prophets of Israel were born and lived in Israel. 

The United Kingdom of Israel under David and Solomon existed inside of Israel. 

The Maccabean revolt. One of the first acts in history when a small national movement and culture rose up against a client state of a world super power to regain their freedom happened in Israel.

This war of freedom was fought by JEWISH warriors to regain the self-determination of the Jewish People, inside of Israel. 

This Maccabean war was fought to redeem the Jewish Temple inside the Jewish capital city of Jerusalem. 

It was the Jewish Sicarii, Jewish freedom fighters, who fought the Romans at Matzada.

The Dead Sea Scrolls, hidden away in Qumran during the First Jewish Revolt (AD 66-70), are about Jewish history inside of Israel and they are written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, not Arabic! 

All of these events and pieces of Jewish history happened inside of Israel long before Mohammad was born, before Islam and before the Arab people invaded and occupied lands that they were not native to and did not belong to them.

The Jewish people have always been the indigenous people of Israel to say otherwise is to erase history altogether. 

Those who wish to deny the Jewish Nations right to self-determination are jew-haters, they are anti-semites and they must be identified as such.

Those working to destroy Israel and to deny the rich,  thousands of years old history of the Jewish people to Israel are promoting Arab and Islamic Supremacists ideology.

The truth is Jews were, are and always will be the indigenous people of Israel! 

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  1. I think you're missing the point that life isn't and shouldn't be about ethnicity and religion - history should be learnt from, not put into practice..
    If you believe that being the indigenous people of a country gives you the right to expel, govern, and/or control and abuse another ethnicity, just because their history doesn't span back as long in that area of the world then you are a racist