Friday, January 8, 2016

The Smoking Gun

By Simon Fischler

Nashat Melhem, the terrorist who murdered three innocent Israeli's in Tel Aviv last week was apprehended and killed in a gunfight today, Friday 8/1/2016.

Melhem was not found in Tel Aviv nor in its environs. 

No, this murderer, with the help of others in his community, was smuggled all the way up to the Northern Israeli city of Umm al-Fahm. 

There he was given refuge in an Islamic Movement mosque for a week. 

The distance from Tel Aviv to where Nashat Melhem was found is 81.6 Kilometers or an hour and a half drive. 

A large distance to cover. 

To achieve this the terrorist has to have been aided by many inside of his community and this leaves a stench that will be around for a long time.

My first thoughts are, where are the voices on the left? Where is Bugi Herzog? 

Is he going to demand answers from the Arab Israeli leadership? 

Every single comment that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made last week in connection to the state of Israel's Arab citizens proved to be correct! 

Will Bugi, Livni, pipi and tipi call Bibi and apologize? Of course not, the pride of the left knows no bounds.

Will Tzipi Livni, Zehava Gal-On and others from the Bibi Bashing sycophants corner demand to know from Israeli Arab's how this killer was given sanctuary in their community and called a Martyr by many in their community ?

The answer is a straight No, to all the aforementioned questions. They'll be doing the Ostrich tonight.

Where are the voices of the people who so vehemently demanded answers of the Jewish National Religious citizens of our country, after the killings in the Palestinian village of Duma? 

Will they also be calling for blood now that the coin has fallen on the Arab Israeli side? 

What about those who were so furious about the "Bloody Wedding".

Nashat Melhem has been called a martyr by many in his community. Will the left protest this nefarious behavior?

Of course not, "we need to understand" their murderous society! 

Will the Times of Israel and its sister rag HAARETZ call for Arab Israeli soul searching? 

What bumbling, stumbling lies will the Joint-List come up with this time (and how will the Israeli press excuse their wanton incitement) to defend yet another ISIS crime carried out by Arab Israelis. 

Israel must get serious and it must happen immediately. 

It is time to double down and drastically to improve the efforts to literally wipe-out the Islamic Movement from Israel's borders, even if we need to get militaristic on them. 

The murders carried out by Nashat Melhem are crimes against Israeli society. But the atrocious actions of those inside his community to aid him are also an unforgivable crime. 

Together these crimes are a SMOKING GUN, one the size of a World War Two 16 inch battleship gun. 

They prove 100% that not only is the ISLAMIC MOVEMENT IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, it is one with connections to ISIS! 

It is now on the shoulders of the Israeli Defense establishment to stamp out the Islamic Movement once and for all before we let Hamas of the 1980's happen within our own borders. 

It is on the shoulders of the Arab Israeli community to do some serious soul searching. Do they want to integrate and truly be law abiding Israeli citizens, with all of their rights and liberties respected or would they rather loose it all and settle for what is happening in the rest of the Middle-East?  

These crimes have gotten way to close to destroying any type of possible integration for the future of Israeli Arabs(which of course is what the Islamic Movement wants). Heaven forbid for their community if they continue down this path and push the Israeli Jewish population past the point of no return. 

I think 1948 and 1967 are good enough history lessons to see where that road will take Israeli Arabs. 

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