Saturday, January 2, 2016


By Schmoel Yitzhak

There are no treasured traits such as honesty or pride in the White House.

Certainly not when it comes to Barack Obama's treatment of Israel.

The lies emanating from Pennsylvania Avenue multiply like flies over horse droppings.

You can take virtually any quote delivered by the American president vis-a-vis Israel and know that inevitably it was as phony as a three-dollar bill.

My "favorite" example was a message Obama delivered to a foolishly enthralled AIPAC audience a few years ago.

"I have Israel's back."

That's what the man said and, naturally, every (Democrat) Jew in the audience applauded the Chief Executive. Of course, the applause was more an example of wishful thinking than anything else.

We now know -- beyond a shadow of a doubt -- that Obama had no more intentions to support his words with positive action toward the Middle East's only democracy.

No more than Jack The Ripper had any desire to kiss his female victims rather than slit their throats.

Since that deathless (I have Israel's back) declaration Obama has delivered continuous international-political throat slicing of its supposed ally. 

By far the most egregious sin of the many perpetrated was the president's madcap pursuit of a deal with the most heinous bloodthirsty nation, Iran, in the most volatile region on earth.

Long before the deal was actually cut, the White House knew that the mullahs wanted nothing more than the extermination of Israel. And if the White House would give them that right via the nuclear deal, why not?

And now revelations by the Wall Street Journal tell us that Obama was not only hellbent to kiss the tuchus of every Iranian leader but, simultaneously, he has his minions spying on Israel's Prime Minister, among others in Jerusalem.

There were no apologies from the White House nor will there ever be as long as Obama and his fraud of a Secretary of State remain in power.

Looking back on seven years of this disgusting Democratic administration, one is tempted to say that Obama-Kerry-Clinton re-defined chutzpah.

Sorry, but based on Washington's behavior toward Israel chutzpah is far too mild a term to characterize these political pigs!

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  1. Translation: "I have a knife in Israel's back."