Monday, December 28, 2015

A Message To The People of Lebanon

By Simon Fischler

Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk.

Much has been talked about the battle-field experience gained by Hezbollah in the Syrian civil war. 

Much can be taken away from this subject. 

First, it is a fact that Hezbollah has been fighting deep in the Syrian civil war. It is also a fact that Hezbollah has lost many of its terrorist fighters on the Syrian battlefield. To the point where many Shia Lebanese have demanded that Hezbollah disengage from Syria. 

Hezbollah has been deeply sunk in the mud of Syria for at least three years. This takes a great toll on the fighters.

Anytime you are experiencing war first hand you are learning raw battlefield tactics. But Hezbollah is also exhausting its resources.

Secondly, Hezbollah has proven to be extremely week as an offensive combatant. They were unable to take the Syrian city of Qusayr, even after the depleted rebels had been bombed endlessly by Assad regime planes. 

Hezbollah needed the full assistance of Syrian soldiers and the Iranian Republican Guard to take the city. 

This is just one example of many battles where Hezbollah was unable to take strategic points of interest without massive help, or was defeated outright. 

Thirdly, why was Putin so excited to work with Israel at the expense of Hezbollah? 

It's not because Hezbollah has had such impressive results on the battlefield. Of course it's the opposite. 

Putin is known to be impulsive and he was certainly not happy to see his allies failing constantly.

Non of this means that the IDF and the Israeli government will take Nasrallah's prideful boasts and threats against Israel and her citizens as a joke. 

I imagine the Netanyahu government has already taken the time and used the assist given to them by Nashrallah's prideful threats to ready a political objective and a military plan for Lebanon the second the match is lit.

Now, I have written about this in short as of late, I will now delve a bit deeper into my thoughts for you dear Lebanon.

It will be bad, in fact it will be disastrous for you, should Hezbollah make the mistake of triggering a war.

It has been made pretty clear by all in Israeli politics, from left to right,  and throughout the military establishment that if Nashrallah is stupid enough to start a war in defense of child killer Samir Kuntar, then all of Lebanon will pay the price.

What does that mean to pay the price? 

There has not been a war for Israel on the Northern Front for almost 10 years. 

It's not because you the citizens of Lebanon and Hezbollah all of sudden loved us Israelis. It's because Israel beat down on you and Hezbollah so hard in the 2006 war that the leader of Hezbollah himself admitted that it was a mistake to provoke Israel. 

Sadly that same leader, Hassan Nashrallah, seems to be suffering from memory loss today and at your expense.

If Hezbollah acts the fool, those days of 2006, they will become dream days for you people of Lebanon. 

This will be a war where EVERYTHING will be on the table. 

Today Hezbollah is compartmentalized like a true military and that will make it easier for our ground troops to face off against the Hezbollah fighters.

The IAF will unleash such profound firepower on Lebanese utilities that Gaza will start looking like a first world country. 

Rebuilding will be a joke when we are done.

Again, is this what you want dear citizens of Lebanon?

Of course things on our side will not be easy. But our Homefront command has been battle tested through three victorious wars with Gaza. Lebanon has not. 

The citizens of Beirut turn on Hezbollah every-time a car bomb explodes in their neighborhoods. 

Of course we must always worry about an attempt by Hezbollah to take a Northern town, but yet again we are on high alert almost all the time when it comes to our border. 

So, again, I will direct this question to you the people of Lebanon.

Do you really want to loose everything you have gained since 2006 for a beastly man (Samir Kuntar) who was the equivalent of Shia ISIS? He was a CHILD MURDERER!

If you think we will play nicely then you are greatly mistaken. 

When the beat drops, there will be a whole other level of hell that will be brought down upon you, your families and your children. 

Non of us, on the Israeli side want this, yet ALL of us Israelis are ready for it.

This outcome would be sad and unfortunate for you the citizens of Lebanon. 

As a liberal, peace loving person I will not let my government accept anything short of victory at your great expense and I know that the great majority of the Israeli public feels the same.

Lebanon, for your sake and for your children's sake, do not go down this road! 

Dare to try something new, dare to try something other then war with us in Israel.

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