Friday, December 11, 2015


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Once upon a time the symbol of American was the ferocious bald eagle. But that was long ago.

Ever since president Barack Obama moved into the White House, Uncle Sam's leaders have acted more like ostriches than eagles.

When it comes to militant Islam, the administration wants to know nothing about it.

When it comes to militant Muslims blowing up Americans at the Boston Marathon, the administration wants to know nothing about them.

When it comes to Muslims rapidly becoming the most frightening threat to our citizens from California to the Canadian border, the administration wants to know nothing about them.

The latest Muslim-inspired horror -- the massacre of 14 people in San Bernardino, California -- is only the latest episode in what is becoming as an accepted part of life as ISIS beheadings. 

A feeling persists that it's only a matter of time before yet another Muslim-inspired assault takes place. 

Sometimes more than a dozen Americans are slaughtered in the work place and at other times, it could be an assault on a single person.

Nowhere is anyone safe; not even a supposedly safe neighborhood such as the Upper West Side of Manhattan. 

Only a couple of weeks ago, the owner of a store selling Jewish products was puzzled by a man standing outside his establishment who acted strangely. 

To see if the fellow needed help, the Jewish entrepreneur stepped outside only to find himself clubbed by the Arab who cursed the owner for being Jewish and then fled.

Shades of Munich, 1937. Berlin, 1939. Warsaw, 1940.

Meanwhile, Israeli Jews are daily being threatened -- and killed -- by knife-wielding Arabs while some nutcase of a Swedish foreign minister berates the Jews for retaliating "disproportionately." 

No doubt that the Swedish bimbo would prefer that Israelis with knives in their backs should debate for about five minutes which is the approved method of "proportional" retaliation.

In this world gone mad, no single person is more responsible for inspiring this cross-ocean mayhem then the ostrich of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Ever since he took office, Obama has leaned backward at spine-breaking lengths to protect the Arabs, to inspire their incitement against Jews and, worst of all, to deny that their massacring has anything to do with militant Islam.

Or, as The Wall Street Journal so aptly notes, "The FBI confirms what Obama refuses to admit."

To expect any change in the president's thinking is to believe that an ostrich is really an eagle after all. There's no way the White House will wake up to the growing terror threat whether it's in Jerusalem or San Bernadino.

The Wall Street journal correctly concludes, "America shouldn't have to endure more San Bernadinos before Obama faces up to the jihadist storm that has gathered on his watch."

Alas, American will -- as will Israel -- because this is the way Pennsylvania Avenue wants it to be. 

The militant Islamists will go on killing while Uncle Sam's leader will burrow even deeper into the sand!


  1. Americans rejected the Eagle and embraced the Ostrich.
    However, even when Americans believed in fighting the Good Fight,it was only to a limited extent.
    The source of Islamist Death cultism has always been Saudi Arabia, and now Iran.
    The realpolitik of Oil and the international sanction of allowing Arabs and Islamists to murder anyone in the world in the Name of Exterminating the Jewish State of Israel, all the while claiming that the "Israeli-Arab conflict" was to blame, has logically, step by step, permitted Arab and Islamist factions to be emboldened to freely wreak their carnage in all mankind (as many still blame it all on the Jews).
    Nothing will change until the world (including Israel) ceases to allow the Arabs called Palestinians "Victim status" and attacks them as the terrorists they are, and until the world deals with the sources of the Islamist terror death cults, Saudi Arabia and Iran.
    Eradicate ISIS and a new Taliban; or a new Boko Haram; or a new Wahhabi or Vilayat al Fiqh Sect; or a new Assad or Arafat Death Cult will arise to replace its predecessors.
    The inevitable consequence of not forcing the originators of intolerant Islamic Fascism to change will be the death of billions and having portions of planet Earth left unihabitable.

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