Friday, December 4, 2015


By Sig Demling

You have to separate fact from fantacy when reading news reports of any attempts at re-starting Arab-Israeli peace talks.

For starters, we can examine the recent John Kerry visit to Israel and wonder what he accomplished after his chats with Mahmoud Abbas.

Did Abbas agree to halt the mini-Intifada which he helped launch months ago and has resulted in endless Israelis fatalities?

Did Kerry emerge with anything beyond cheery homilies about future peace?

Did the Palestinians -- including the Knesset members -- shown any interest in dousing the flames of incitement either in print, over the airwaves or social media?

The answers, of course, are NO, NO. and NO.

Check anywhere you like, starting with textbooks that Palestinians edit and oversee, and you'll easily find that the Arabs have maintained the same hostile posture evident before Israel became a state and from 1948 to the present.

Unfortunately, Arab oil money has funded so many media realms and anti-Israel elements that any air of peace has been polluted beyond redemption. 

And that includes the occasionally moderate Saudis who, despite their dependence on Israel, invariably support attempts to de-legitimize the Middle East's only democracy.

The European Union -- as in the case of its individual states -- has been as anti-Semitic in its policies as Hamas or the militant Islamics. 

Benjamin Netanyahu was entirely correct in rejecting any EU involvement in peace talks since that group absurdly has supported a boycott of goods produced by Israelis in the West Bank.

If anything, Bibi has been too tepid in his response to both the militant Arabs within Israel as well as the EU bandits.

What's even more astounding is that the EU's position, vis-a-vis Syria is so mild compared to its anti-Israel stance one wonders in which century logic has eluded the folks in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

Some moves taken by Lieberman-Bennett may seem excessive to the moderate wing, but it appears to me that there's much method to the so-called madness of which they have been accused.

They understand what Bib should do -- and maybe he does -- that peace with the Arab world is as distant as Mars and as reachable as Venus.

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