Saturday, December 26, 2015

Arab Appropriation of The Jewish Nations History Is What Continues The Conflict Between Israel and The Palestinians

By Simon Fischler 

Are there always two sides to a story? 

That is what I keep hearing about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But this theory smacks of just another way of giving the Palestinians an excuse for continuing their aggressive behavior towards Israel. 

Really how are there two sides, when the Palestinians rejected every plan of partition leading up to the Israeli War of Independence? 

It is very simple: the Jews of Eretz Israel accepted a greatly decreased piece of land from what they were originally PROMISED, through international law, by the League of Nations.

Many argue that the Yishuv (pre-state Jewish government) accepted partition in the hopes of attaining more land later. That theory is racists! 

This contention overlooks the fact that the Yishuv put its hopes to the side, they did this in an attempt to reach an agreed settlement with their Arab neighbors. 

Plain and Simple, the Yishuv accepted partition to attain self-determination for the Jewish Nation on land that was legally theirs -- no matter how much less than originally promised.

The Arab side, ever more greedy, ever more colonialist, refused partition -- no matter how much more land than the Jews they would receive. 

This is not a disputable point, this cannot be argued, THIS IS A FACT! 

There is only one side to this beginning: Arabs wanted war; Arabs thought they would win a war; Arabs thought they'd be able to totally wipe out the Jews of Israel (that’s genocide my friends) Arabs STARTED the war; Arabs lost the war. 

This scenario has taken place over and over again (1947-48; 1956; 1967; 1973 ... etc., etc., etc.) 

This aggressive, imperialistic thought pattern has kept the flames of this conflict burning, not settlements. 

Israel uprooted homes in Amit, an enormous housing complex in the Sinai Peninsula when it knew it would have peace with Egypt. 

Israel uprooted 9,000 Jews that had been living in their homes FOR FORTY YEARS to give ALL of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority in the hopes of furthering peace.

This Olive Branch from Israel was cut up by the Palestinians. The hope of peace failed, instead of peace Israel received tens of thousands of rockets in return.

The core issue to the continuation of this conflict between Israel and the colonialist and Islamist Arab people that call themselves Palestinians, is Arab Colonialism itself. 

It is the Arabs adamant refusal to accept the thousands of years old rights of the Jewish Nation to Israel. It is the refusal of the Arabs to also accept international law and the United Nations which clearly gives the Jewish People the right to Statehood in Israel. 

First and foremost, the Palestinians are acting with racist aggression in direct conflict with the Law of the International community. Hence they are committing Crimes against Humanity!

In fact being anti-Israel is the ultimate statement of anti-Semitism. You can keep telling yourself it isn’t, just as the Nazi Germans told themselves that hating the Jew was good. 

But the minute you deny Israel’s right to exist, you not only say that the Jewish people have no right to self-determination (Racism) even though they have been around for thousands of years, but that you also refute international law, which clearly states that the Jewish People have a right to state-hood in their ancestral home. 

In fact when you listen to the arguments of many on the anti-Israel side it really gets down to Nazism, especially when they start breaking out the new anti-Jew genetics and so on. They seem to forget how much the Nazis loved their genetics!

The Arab peoples were not born in the Levant. The Hebrew, Israelite and Jewish Nation was. 

THE ARABS ARE FROM ARABIA, hence the name!  

The Arabs invaded and conquered the Near East, Northern Africa and Spain, more than seven centuries after the beginning of the Christian Era. 


In fact today the Palestinian people are taking their anti-Semitism one step further as they completely attempt to appropriate all of Jewish History. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stated yesterday that Jesus was a Palestinian. 

Of course it is obvious that President Abbas has never opened a Bible or has never read about the birth of Christ because it 100% refutes his asinine comments. 

Here is a quote from the King James Bible.

“Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea”
(Excerpt From: God, The Old Testament & The New Testament. “The Holy Bible (KJV) Authorized King James Version.” iBooks.)

Bethlehem of Judaea, not Palestine because there was no such thing. While the Jewish Nation has lived in Israel throughout history and we have a documented record of this, we have hard archeological (thats science people) proof and we know that the Jewish Nation was born in Israel and had Kingdoms in Israel long before there was a Britain, a France and an Islam; the Palestinians are still attempting to re-write history. 

On top of this and as a reminder to those supporting the Jew-Hating, pro-Arab colonialist aspirations of the Palestinian Leadership, Jesus was called The King of The Jews by his immediate followers. 

The conquering, colonialist culture of the Islamist/Arabs would never let the Jews have a state in their midst. To them it maters not that Jews were here first but that Islam and Arabism reigns over all! This is nothing more than supremacist colonialism!  

Now, more than ever, these hard scientifically backed truths must be used to refute the Palestinian lies and innuendo being paid for by Qatar and other Arab Oil Sheikdoms. 

The truth of the colonialist Arab attempts to appropriate the History of the Jewish Nation and their Nation State Israel must be talked about in every international debate and summit! The truth must be told. 

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