Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Truth About Gun Control

By Simon Fischler

What happened in San Bernardino, California was an act of Islamic Terrorism. Saying otherwise is an affront to those who perished at the hands of the religion of peace.

I don't understand. If Americans are so willing to condemn the Catholic Church for its transgressions, why are so many Americans afraid to tell the truth when it comes to Islam? 

If liberal Americans believe that Israel and the Jewish people must look in the mirror when it comes to Israel's actions in the defense of her citizens while facing down Colonial, Islamic fascism, then why can't these supposed liberal minded people make the same demands of Islam? 

The gun epidemic in America has been what it is since Americas beginning. 

While I do support the second amendment, I also know that there is absolutely no reason for most Americans to be able to buy assault riffles legally. 

In truth, America should look to Israel for help on gun control laws just as America should look to Israel for help on health care legislation. 

But, no matter what laws are passed, guns will still be able to be obtained. And if Islamic fundamentalists want to get guns to strike at the heart of America, they will.

The heart of the problem is not laws but the social fabric of American society. 

Let's be honest, America was once the greatest nation on earth. That's saying a lot because I love Israel with all of my heart. 

America under president Harry Truman did what no other country in the world has done in history. They behaved, through foreign policy, in a manner that appeared detrimental to the well being of American interests, just to do what was right.

In the end it did provide America with one of her greatest and most steadfast allies, but at the time Truman did not know this. 

Truman's recognition of Israel was the morally correct thing to do. But before this moment and since, nations and their leaders did not behave in this fashion. 

Truman faced serious repercussions for doing what was morally right. Most notably from Secretary of State George Marshal who was clearly against recognizing Israel's right to statehood. 

George Marshal, the former hero general who was incredibly popular, threatened Truman with his resignation if he chose to back Jewish statehood. 

It takes the upmost quality of character, something Truman had thanks to his American upbringing and the belief in strong social fabric to commit your country to a cause that is good and morally right instead of thinking only of your nations immediate interests.

Sadly today, if America had to it again, I don't see them doing what is right. 

I don't see them committing to carry out the morally correct policy and recognizing the Jewish Nations right to freedom. 

Certainly not under Barack Obama, a man who cannot follow his own red-lines. 

Today people are so focused on deriding Donald Trump, I certainly don't want him as President. Yet the fail to look at Obama before the presidency. 

No credentials that would afford him the right to be president. He was a senator for two seconds. Yet Americans blindly gave him the reigns to be the leader of the free world, myself included. 

Is the American president still the leader of the free world today?I don't think so. 

Today the president of France has proven to have more leadership qualities than Obama. 

This is a sad state of affairs. 

You want an end to gun violence, look to the social fabric of America. This is how you fix the problem with guns. 

The social identity of American citizens  has been raped and pillaged by bullshit uber-liberal Academia and Political Correctness. 

This world of make believe born in American academia has torn apart the country that did so much to fight for freedom and lost so many of its sons and daughters fighting to fix the world in World War One and World War Two. 

Americans have lost their way thanks to the constant mantra they are being fed of being illegitimate.

To many Americans today just don't know that it was inside of the America they have been taught to hate, that African-Americans and Jewish-Americans were able to come together, shoulder to shoulder, and were able to fight to create a better future for themselves. 

These victories have been sold off by asinine political correctness.

Yes they had to FIGHT for this better America. Yes people were lost, but today things are better to the point where we have an African-American President. 

I hope and pray that America and Americans (some of the greatest people I know) will find their way back to the path. 

Without them, this world is in deep trouble.

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