Sunday, November 22, 2015

When Your Policies Fail, Blame the Jews

By Simon Fischler 

Many in Israel are furious over comments made by Swedish Foreign Minster Margot Wallstrom equating the Israel-Palestinian conflict to the Twelve MUSLIMS who murdered in cold blood, one hundred and thirty people in the worst terror attack Europe has seen. 

Israelis are right to be angry. 

It is outrageous and shameful for anyone to attempt to connect the Islamic terror ISIS is bringing to the world and the conflict Israel is forced to fight against Palestinian Arab/Islamic colonialist aspirations. 

The words of Wallstrom are filled with anti-Semitic venom because ISIS itself has made it very clear that it is attacking what it calls, the Crusaders nations that are attacking it on Syrian and Iraqi soil. 

But there is something deeper and more devious in the words of the Swedish Foreign Minister and others like her trying to make these equations.

They are a cover up for all of the horrible foreign policy choices made by the European Union in regards to Arab/Muslim states and the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Like for instance, who has been the largest financial supporter of the Palestinian Authority which is now run by the Islamic terror group HAMAS? 

The European Union!

It is important to remember that Hamas actively carried out the worst terror attacks, killed hundreds of Israeli Jews, all to stop the Peace Process and the Two State Solution.

The European Union has been pouring billions of Euros into the Palestinian Authority. 

What did that bring to Israel? Peace, Two States! No, it brought HAMAS and rockets!

So, it is the Europeans who are exporting extremist Islam to Israel and not the other way around. 

Who brought down Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and dispersed his vast arsenal of weapons to the Islamic State? The French and the EU were in the lead on that one. 

A quick question, has American President Barack Obama come to the realization that there is a connection to Islam and ISIS or is he still living in the alternate universe where the ISLAMIC STATE and Islam have no connections?

You see, just about all of the European Union policies towards Israel smack of anti-Semitism these days not just the asinine words of Margot Wallstrom. 

Like for instance why is the EU so keen on labeling products from the Arab occupied provinces of Judea and Samaria when not a word is said about Euro darling Turkey and its occupation of Northern Cyprus or Smyrna (todays Izmir)?

How dare the EU think to talk to Israel about occupations as France and Spain still occupy the lands of the Basque people with an Iron fist. Not to mention their colonialist rule over many Caribbean Islands.

This disgusting foreign policy, the labeling of Israeli Products, goes beyond hypocrisy and enters the world of anti-Semitism no matter how much EU Foreign Minister to Israel Lars Faaborg-Andersen tries to deny it. 

The proof is in the pudding and we now have that proof thanks to KaDeWe, Europes largest department store. 

This is a department store that was opened and owned by Jews until it was stollen from them by the Nazis. 

KaDeWe pulled Israeli products from its shelves yesterday.

This is the EU boycotting Israel Mr. Faaborg-Andersen and it is disgusting and reprehensible behavior. It is either stopped immediately or Israel must take action in kind.

The EU is both exporting Islamic Fundamentalism to Israel by funding and supporting the Palestinian Authority run by Hamas, while re-starting Nazi like boycotts, this time of the Jew among the nations.

This anti-Semitic behavior has come about under the political guidance of the Social Democrat movement in Europe, the same politicians that invited in the ISIS murders now plaguing Europe. 

Why should the EU take responsibility for its actions, when all else fails, blame the Jews!

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