Thursday, November 19, 2015

Terrorism, Brought to Israel by The Islamic Movement

By Simon Fischler

The attacks perpetrated against Israel today were carried out by the Islamic Movement of Israel. 

Arab Knesset Member Taleb Abu Atar promised and threatened Israel, that in reaction to the banning of the terrorist front called the Islamic Movement, that it was an "Act of War" and all of Israel would pay. 

Well his words have become deeds, but he is a fool if he thinks Israelis will be scared and will back down when it comes to outlawing the terrorists of The Islamic Movement.

If they want war, so be it!

Outlawing the Islamic Movement was nothing more than a democracy closing down the store front of a dangerous terrorist group. A group that had been abusing the freedoms allowed under Israeli democracy.

All democracies will have to do this eventually.

If the Arab citizens of Israel are going to defend an organization that calls for the destruction of Israel, that calls for the kidnapping and murder of Israeli soldiers and calls for carrying out terrorist attacks then the onus is truly on them and if they defend this group then they have proven by deed that they are a fifth column 

This act, banning this heinous gang of terrorists was a sane act carried out by a democracy to put an end to virulent, violent, terrorism.

The Islamic Movement and its head Terrorist, Sheik Riad Salah, continually incited violence against Jews, Homosexuals and other minorities inside of Israel. This was not freedom of speech, it was virulent and violent hate speech and incitement.

The asinine groups that call themselves the Left in Israel love to talk of Kahane and Kach but are silent when it comes to the terrorism orchestrated by the Islamic Movement.

Terrorist Raed Salah is without a doubt the modern day version of Arab, Muslim Nazi leader Haj Amin al-Husseini. This is an important fact and most not be overlooked. 

This terror group calls for the destruction of Israel which they wish to replace with a  Muslim Caliphate (sound familiar?). To make it simple they are an enemy of the state and to the majority of Israel's citizens.

It is important not to overlook the fact that The Islamic Movement is not just any terrorist organization, it is the Israeli arm of Hamas/The Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS. 

This is their attempt to scare Israel into reversing what it had to do to protect its democracy. 

Israel must stand firm, hunt down the individuals responsible for today's terrorists attacks.

Furthermore, MK Taleb Abu Atar should be arrested immediately for his words of violence towards Israel and her citizens! 

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