Monday, November 2, 2015

It's The Hatred Stupid

By Simon Fischler

Just recently I was asked by an anti-Semite and anti-Israel Facebook personality what it meant to be a Jew Hater. 

He asked me this question because I had commented on a quote by an administrator of the Facebook page An Independent Sovereign Palestine and A Safe Israel. 

A fellow pro-Israel activists had just been reprimanded by this administrator and threatened with being removed from this page if he posted further material that questioned whether historically the Temple Mount had any religious relevance to Muslims. 

I asked whether these same rules applied to all of the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish links, comments and arguments being posted by a certain group of people. Of course the administrator did not respond because he had no answer, he runs a completely biased page.

I posed the question for a reason. If the aforementioned page truly stood for Two States for Two Peoples why would it be acceptable to post anti-Israel and anti-Jewish comments. 

To make things clear this Facebook page, like Facebook itself, is a hoax. 

If Facebook adhered to any of its supposed “Community Standards” this page would have been shut down yesterday. It has nothing to do with a safe Israel and everything to do with an Israel that is wiped off of the map of the world in a genocidal storm. 

To answer the question posed to me by this man, who is a virulent anti-Semite, I decided to use him as the perfect example of defining what Jew hatred is. 

I told this man that without blinking an eye, in numerous comments, he had denied that the holocaust had ever happened. I told him that according to his posts the dirty Jews couldn't stop this concept, which is becoming more and more mainstream. 

I wrote about his comments that the holocaust was an invention of the Jewish people used to rape Europe of its money. I also remarked on his belief that, yes,  some Jews were killed but they deserved it because they had been raping Germany for years. 

I continued by mentioning his comments about the Jewish people not really being Jews, but Khazars that had converted to become part of the Jewish Nation.

Then there were his comments that we "Jews" are all liars and thieves, and as he said not very brave at all. 

I mentioned his disregard for the fact that a majority of Israelis today are Mizrahi Jews and not the “white” Ashkenazi Jews he loved to demean so much. This man by the way is of Scandinavian descent living on land stollen from Native Americans, a point he did not like to hear.

I mentioned to him that his idea that Israel had started the civil war in Syria was part and parcel of his conspiracy filled, Jew Hating mind. 

His ability to ignore the fact that a ten year drought was completely ignored by Bashar al-Assad, who was to busy buying Russian weapons, giving arms to Hezbollah and spreading the wealth to the 20% Alawite minority living in Syria caused the war we see today, not Jews. 

I told this man, that his Jew Hatred made him overlook the crimes against humanity committed by Warlord elect Bashar al-Assad against the Sunni population of Syria. 

I also made it clear to him that his comments and firm belief that Israel created ISIS were more Jew Hating conspiracy theory garbage, that could easily fit into the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

A book he firmly believes to be true.

I finished off by saying that his Jew-Hatred was so deep that he would have no problem finding excuses for why it would be ok for a Palestinian Arab to stab me or my children to death. 

Well.....this really pushed a button and created a storm. The truth usually does.

The person who asked me what it means to be a Jew-hater is the quasi leader of a group of five people on this Facebook page who, lynch, insult and bully anyone who stands up for Israel, the Jewish People and Jewish self-Determination. 

They like their Jews marching off to ovens, no providing endless facts that debunk their anti-Semitic/anti-Zionist inventions.

So this man, now infuriated got his little gang together and they attempted to bully me into submission. 

Insult followed by insult. 

I was bombarded by tons of “Alternative” articles (calling them articles is a far stretch) showing me how evil me and my people are. 

I've been blogging for Israel for years, so for every scam article I retorted with a plethora of information backing up my arguments from numerous sources, articles, books and even quotes from Palestinian leaders. 

For every retort I gave, I sensed that they were reaching a point of desperation, when I asked them to respond to the information I posted, I kept receiving nothing. 

Then it came.

This man, who was so sure he was better than me and had made such comments, had had enough. 

The uppity Jew who kept refuting his “Alternative” information had really gotten under his skin.

That’s when he and his cohorts did what Nazi’s have been doing since World War Two. 

He and his buddies stripped me of my ability to post on the page and had me banned from the group by complaining to the administrator, I was accused of attacking Palestinians. 

Of course this is coming from five people who wrote such charming words as Zionazi, Zionist pig, Zionist scum bag, denied the holocaust, called me a thick headed idiot. Not to mention the ring leader actually wrote that "he could not wait for the day when Russia, Iran and Hezbollah will run me and my family off of the Golan" he was hoping to see the Jew fleeing the house I built, with my money. 

He also made it clear, that he hoped Americans would wake up and see Israel in his eyes, then we thieving, Jew Zionazis would be vaporized by America.  

These were his words.

And here it was, the TRUTH, laid out right in front of me. 

I had been banned from a group that supposedly supports the Two State Solution, by people who stand completely against the Two State Solution and who had been using the most inflammatory anti-Semitic language. 

Non of them were banned. 

I had confronted these people, with hard facts, from multiple sources. I had ripped down their false prophets. 

In the end non of that mattered, these people and this hoax of a Facebook page have an agenda and that agenda is to deny that Jews are Jews, to deny that the Holocaust ever happened, to deny the historically proven fact that it was the Arabs who rejected partition and attacked Israel first (something that the Palestinians and Arabs don't even deny today) and to deny the Jewish Nations historical connection and rights to Israel.  

This is the TRUTH that the left in Israel does not get, this is the truth that Obama and Kerry do not understand. 

There is no peace for one simple reason, HATRED. 

Today Palestinians are taught from a young age to HATE Israel and to deny the Jewish Nations historical rights. This is a fact, it is inexcusable and it is a peace breaker.  

The BDS movement is a peace breaker, it stands for the genocidal destruction of Israel, which is an 80% Jewish Nation. 

The BDS movement uses virulent international followers, like this Nazi of a man. 

This hatred makes them believe they have the right to deny everything Jewish, just as the Nazis believed they could use Jews as slaves and kill Jews in cold blood.

Today they want to take away our very being, they want to stop a Jew from being a Jew, they want to steal the Jewish connection to Israel. 

History is erased, or as one of the cohorts said, “old history doesn't matter”.

You see settlements have been removed, today there is a silent settlement freeze. What remains? Its the HATRED stupid.

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