Saturday, November 14, 2015

I Do Not Stand With France, Because France Does Not Stand With Israel

By Simon Fischler

Do I stand with France? 

I guess the better questions is, does France stand with me, my children and my nation, Israel? 

No, it surely doesn't! 

How many Israelis have been killed by Arab Nazis in the last two months? Too many! 

How many excuses have I heard from the French and the EU especially (not to forget the Americans too) for why we Israelis need to understand the blood thirsty Arab/Muslim murderers who are trying to stab us, to run us over, to shoot us and to blow us up? 

The French, the EU and the Obama administration have been to busy excusing and explaining the acts of murder against Jews to realize it might double back on them.

No, the French are not with me, not with my children, nor with my people. 

They'll excuse the murder of Jews, condemn Israel for not capitulating to the "Palestinian" people. 

They'll blame the Jewish Nation for the murder of Jews whether those Jews were murdered in Israel or in France 

The French and the rest of the EU are afraid of the Arab/Muslim/Nazi people living amongst them. 

Now they are literally inviting in millions more. This ought to finish off the last of the Jews of Europe.  I wonder if it is not being done intentionally.

The French have been infected by a very serious disease, this disease is called Political Correctness. 

Just a quick question for John Kerry, are these Paris attacks connected to settlements? 

So, am I with the French? No I am not! But I do stand with the embattled Jews of France.

The French are the biggest advocates of the EU labeling plan for Israeli products made in The Arab occupied territories of Judea and Samaria. 

It is largely because of French appeasement to Arab/Wahhabist governments that the EU will now be labeling Israeli products.

Are the French people with Israelis? No they are not! 

Other than the French Jewish community, which proudly supports their Israeli brethren, a policy that forces them to live under constant threat from Arab/Muslim Nazis (hmmm almost sounds like being in the Ghetto again), the French people are not with the Jewish Nation state. 

So I will say what many Israelis won't say because they are afraid, or are to drippy to have the nerves to say it.

While I never wish harm on anyone, dear France, your treatment of Jews within your borders and your treatment of Israel has been nothing less than despicable. 

Now you are paying the price for your actions towards Israel and the Jews and your appeasement towards Muslims/Arabs.

Dear France, Karma has a nasty way of sneaking up on you and biting you in the ass. 

The same will happen to Obama and his administration.

Maybe it's time to stop calling Islam the religion of Peace, or maybe you mean piece, as in pieces of humans flying everywhere after another Muslinazi blew himself up! 

I'll be with the French in their sorrow the day that they stop making excuses for the cold blooded murder of Israelis by colonialist Arab/Muslim Nazis.

Not a day sooner! 


  1. This does not make sense. No innocent people should be dying regardless of their country, ethnicity, culture or religion. That's why I stand with all people who are dying unnecessarily, be it French, Israeli, Syrians, Muslims, Jews, Christians etc. We are all humans and live in one world. Everyone deserves to live in peace. Hatred (including the author's) does not solve anything. We need to stand together because we are humans

    1. You are a dreamer! Are you part of the people who still believe in Obama, Kerry, Clinton and all their friends?
      Life has shown us once and again that we are not all the same!
      There are good people and there are bad people!
      Whoever doesn't want to accept that is just getting everybody at the same level of savageness!
      I, at least, don't consider myself at the same level that this terrorists!

  2. I stand with the victims not the country. France you made your bed, now you gotta sleep in it!

    1. I agree with you. I too mourn for the Paris victims. BUT I SAY TO FRANCE: You labelled Jewish goods in Israel this week. Do the math.

  3. the use of the term nazi in any context but the german ACRONYM of the national socialist german worker's party- shows your considerable ignorance. please keep your racist vitriol. if standing with Israel means standing with you, it's easy to see why so few would.

  4. It is never ok to murder innocent people in Israel, France, anywhere. Your insensitivity does no good for anyone seeking peace in any country. We need to teach by example over and over again. Listen to Bibi Netanyahu's response.