Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's The Water Stupid

By Simon Fischler 

I wonder when Secretary of State John Kerry and the rest of the Left will wake up and stop trying to use demographics to scare the majority of Israelis into making suicidal decisions for a "peace" that is false? 

More remarkable is Kerry using this ploy, demographics, while Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas continues to demand a false "Right of Return" which means flooding Israel with Jew hating Arabs.

I'm sorry John how are the two not the same? You can't threaten Israel with demographics while Palestinian leaders keep promoting flooding Israel with foreign Arabs.

Destroying Israel's 80% percent Jewish majority certainly isn't peace.

And it amazes me that Kerry uses this tactic when Abbas also refuses to recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation state. When are these people going to learn, NO RECOGNITION, NO PEACE! 

But forget about that and let's get back to those demographics. Israel has disposed of the 1.5 million Arabs living in the Gaza Strip. They no longer pose a demographic danger. 

The Jewish birth rate in Israel has long surpassed that of Israeli Arabs.

So when you talk of One State, sure there will be one state and it will be Israel. Israel will remain and it will remain as the majority Jewish State that it is. 

We will move our wall to where WE choose it to be, annexing what land WE choose, closing the Palestinian Arab population off from Israel permanently. 

Yes, the Europeans will wail, as will America and many others. That does not matter, as David Ben-Gurion was so oft to say, Israel must do what it needs to do to survive.

But there is another part that Kerry and his demographic scare friends either don't get or are attempting to hide. The state that will fail and fail fast is the Colonialist, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. 

Today, Jordan is Palestine. 

Seventy percent of Jordanians are Palestinians, the Queen of Jordan is Palestinian. With the doors shut to Israel King Abdullah the Second and his false claim to what was originally part of the British Mandate of Palestine will no longer be able to fend off the Palestinian masses. 

And if this does not make Kerry and his friends rethink trying to scare Israel into making suicidal moves for a peace there is one more key factor and this is Israel's trump card. 

The world powers need to internalize something very quickly, then pass it down to the Palestinian leadership and for that matter the Palestinian people. 

The Palestinians are not doing Israel a favor by coming to the negotiating table, it is Israel that is doing the Palestinians a favor.

We have a state, they don't. 

But even more important is Mother Nature, or global warming. 

Time is not on the Palestinians side as some try to threaten Israel with too. 

All the Palestinians need to do is look to the north to see their future(it looks a lot like a Mad Max apocalyptic scene). If they don't come to the negotiating table and come soon and agree to a peace agreement that meets Israel's security needs and recognizes Israel as the Jewish Nation State, they will face a true tragedy.

You see it's about water, water that is quickly disappearing. 

Unlike the rest of the Middle-East, Israel has made water saving, water resources and water tech a greater priority even than oil. 

It's been number one since the state was founded. 

In the last ten years Israel has built seven desalinization plants, we have become independent and a water powerhouse, so much so that California Jerry Brown has invited Israel to come to California to oversee building desalinization plants.

A bit ridiculous that Cali needs Israel to teach it about water saving. This little fact is something all those anti-Israel/anti-Jew haters in Berkeley, L.A. and U.C Irvine might want to take into consideration the next time they open their faucets. 

Israel's largest, natural reservoir, the Sea of Galilea to many outside of Israel and the Kinneret to us Israelis goes untouched and grows by the day.

How's this possible you ask? 

Because 60% of our water comes from desalinization. Today we sell water to the Palestinian Authority and Jordan.

The Palestinians have depleted their under ground aquifers and soon they will become totally dependent on Israel for water. 

No peace, no water. 

If you take the time and do your homework you will know that it was years of drought in Syria that brought the citizens of that country to finally rise up to fight the ruthless, dictatorial, apartheid regime of the minority Alawites, run by Bashar al-Assad.

What do you think will happen when the water gets turned off in Ramallah?

What will happen in Amman when the water gets turned off there too? 

You see it's simple, no water, no future. 

It's the water stupid! 


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