Monday, May 3, 2010

Don’t Believe the Hype-

The last two weeks have been an awesome display of how badly the Obama administration has failed in its Middle-Eastern foreign policy. These numerous failures have caused harm to America’s constant ally and supporter, Israel. It has been an almost amazing demonstration of Obama’s apparent willingness to sell out Israel.

Syria and Iran transported Scud missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon last week. For those who do not grasp the seriousness of this situation for Israel due to a lack of military knowledge, I’ll explain. A Scud missile is a tactical ballistic missile that can transport chemical and biological warheads, an offensive weapon system that most countries don’t possess. For the first time, Syria (i.e., Iran via Damascus) has put these missiles into the hands of a terrorist organization that seeks to destroy Israel.

In fact, the only instance where Scuds were directed toward Israel was during Desert Storm, by Saddam Hussein. Significantly, the ONLY reason why Israel suffered this barrage of Scuds was at the direct request of the United States (the first George Bush).

One main reason why America is seeking to destroy Al Qaida the world over is so technology like this never makes it into the hands of any terrorist organization. But America since Obama became President has been restraining Israel from moving against targets like this, in the hope of pulling Syria away from Iran.

This naive approach has failed on so many occasions: during Desert Storm Syria demanded that the US keep Israel from attacking Iraq; then there was the Madrid Conference which the US half-nelsoned Israel to attend, only to have the Jewish state lambasted by the tyrannical Arab attendees; during the Oslo Accords period (1993-2000), it was Syria backing Hamas and their suicide bombings that ultimately destroyed the peace process.

The biggest joke of all was when the US strong-armed Israel and Syria into meeting in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, on January 3, 2000. There Israel offered Syria a return of the entire Golan Heights, minus the eastern Kinneret beaches (that never had been in Syria’s possession anyway). Ironically, Hafez al Assad, leader of the most water-rich country in the entire Middle East, demanded not only the entire Golan, but the eastern Kinneret beaches as well, which would have given Assad access to Israel’s main water source. Obviously, no deal.

The Syrians are totally afraid of moving into the Western Camp. It would force the Assad family hegemony into making reforms in their own country. This is a horrific thought for the tiny Alawite minority that runs Syria.

Thus, the US’ foolish attempts to appease Syria at Israel’s expense not only has been useless, unproductive, but often disastrous -- for both Israel and America.

While all this has been happening in the Middle-East, a high ranking Israeli diplomat, the deputy ambassador to Britain, gets attacked by Pro-palestinian thugs, paid and provided for by the Palestinian Authority and its President Mahmoud Abbas. Deputy Ambassador Talya Lador-Fresher would have been beaten severely if not for her Israeli escorts after her speech at Manchester University. This all happened without a response from either the British or American government. They have no problem condemning Israel for building homes in Jerusalem, but can’t say a word about Mahmoud Abbas and his constant incitement against Israel.

Last week Iran carried out its greatest war games ever. While conducting these military drills, Iran and the Iranian government -- as always -- threatened Israel and her existence. They also threatened America by expressing readiness to close the straits of Hormuz. They also test-fired five missiles capable of reaching Israel. And only two days ago the Vice-President of Iran went so far as to threaten that Iran would “cut off Israel’s feet.”

Meanwhile Sheik Hassan Nashrallah, leader of Hezbollah reacted furiously and threatened one of Israel’s only Arab allies, Egypt, for the verdict given down to twenty six Hezbollah agents who were about to carry out suicide attacks against Israeli tourists visiting the Sinai. This is how ballsy the Iranian, Syrian and Hezbollah triangle has become in the short time that Barack Hussein Obama has been President of the United States of America.

They actually believe they can get away not just with threatening Israel today, but also Arab states allied to Israel and/or the US. What will happen when the ever-weaker (physically and politically) Hossni Mubarak passes away? It will be a disaster on a major scale if America does not do more to get things in gear for its allies in the Middle-East.

King Abdullah of Jordan, the other so-called Muslim ally of both Israel and the US, is going through a minor period of memory loss. He has apparently forgotten that his Kingdom is still around because of one country alone and that one country is not America; it is Israel.

Israel has kept the Kingdom of Jordan alive militarily ever since the Syrians threatened to bringdown Abdullah’s father King Hussein during the Black September Syrian invasion of northern Jordan. It was Israeli F-4 Phantoms circling and strafing the Syrian tanks that pushed them back into Syria.

Now King Abdullah can’t stop running his mouth off, condemning Israel for not giving into all of Mahmoud Abbas’s ridiculous pre-conditions for starting negotiations. He also seems intent on condemning Israel for trying to secure and protect Jewish historical sites which are part of the ancient Land of Israel. King Abdullah, grandson of the man who razed the entire Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem wants to lecture Israel about protecting holy sites!

And yet Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is promising American Jews that all is okay. She keeps letting them know that they have nothing to fear; that President Barak Obama just loves Israel so much.

Clinton “promises” that the unshakable relationship between Israel and America is still just that: unshakable. Clinton natters on about how a nuclear Iran is unacceptable and that the U.S. will never let it happen. Ms. Secretary of State also warned the Syrians and the Iranians against threatening Israel.

What is the Obama administration going to do to stop Iran? What are they going to do to stop the Syrian threats? Nothing.

This administration has done absolutely nothing but condemn Israel and appease the Arabs. This administration has continued to overlook some of the worst Palestinian incitement against Israel and against Jewish holly sites in Israel.

Obama and Clinton have been wasting time with ridiculous sanctions, sanctions that have never ever prevented a country from achieving its goals of attaining nuclear weapons as North Korea clearly shows. Although these sanctions have never worked in the past America continues to fight to get them passed, while Iran continues the development of atomic weapons.

Israel must begin to prepare its population for all out war with Iran. Israel can no longer wait for American appeasement. She must look to the past -- World War II -- to know what to do for the future. Israel cannot afford to let Iran attain nuclear weapons capability, while America can.

The US has a history of selling out its allies; Taiwan is a great example. America sold her out to appease the Peoples Republic of China.

However, Israel cannot afford to have a rug pulled out from under her feet. That would mean Shoah, Part Two.

We must do what is right for Israel and the Jewish nation, which is to defend ourselves against these enemies who obviously will never stop seeking to destroy us.

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  1. Well said Simon. I enjoy reading your posts.

    There is so much deception, false propoganda and amnesia--as you so well put it--it is no surprise that people are misinformed, biased and anti-Semitic.

    It's frustrating but we have to try and deliver an accurate message and pray that some hearts and minds will be changed.