Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feeling the Love

Dear Friends and Supporters:

Like many supporters of Israel who stand up for our beleaguered country I receive many hate-mails on my blog and at the Facebook page I started in defense of Israel.

Today is different. Today Mohammed Kolaghassi, a member of Facebook made this very personal by sending me a threatening message to my profile page.

Here is what Mohammed had to say. “Hey man fuck you and fuck the group help Israel......we are going to get you Zionist pig.....P.”

At first I just decided to report him to the Facebook administrators, but after thinking about this disgusting incident I felt you, as partners in this battle with me, deserved to know about this, too. This was just as much an attack on you.

Mohammed Kolaghassi represents all that is despicable about the Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israeli camp. The proponents of Anti-Israelism are made up of the fanatical Left, Anarchists, Islamo-Fascists and Arab Colonialists. All one form or another of Fascism. Mohammed is their foot soldier.

Mohammed wants to scare me into being quiet either by physical violence or by threatening me as he did via message on Facebook.

Mohammed wants to shut me up because he knows that when I write, I bring a novel experience into play: truth backed up by facts. He knows that as long as there are people in this world ready to defend Israel, she will exist.

It’s not just me he wants to scare. He wants to scare my supporters and the people who are behind me in this battle to maintain our freedom.

What Mohammed Kolaghassi does not understand is that I am not easy to scare. For far too long our side has been silenced by modern day brownshirts who wish to take away our nation’s liberty and my freedom of speech. I refuse to let that happen.

Mohammed Kolaghassi and those like him will not shut us up anymore, no matter how many times they threaten us.

Israel and her supporters are here to stay no matter what, and it would be wise for people like Mohammed to get used to it.

1 comment:

  1. Mohammed Kolaghassi is just another example
    of what Arab community fill the people's heads of hatred , terror and desire for threat .

    if anyone threating Israel-Lover , he threats us all
    and thats what Mohammed did

    we all stand with Simon Fiscler