Monday, May 31, 2010


Instead of boycotting Israel why are all these organizations that are supposedly trying so hard to bring about peace not boycotting the Palestine Authority or HAMAS instead?

The Gaza strip is run by HAMAS, a group that is considered a terrorist organization by western democracies such as the US and the EU. This could be overlooked: many movements start out militantly (such as Haganah and Lehi during the days of British rule over the Palestine Mandate) and slowly become more acceptably political; in HAMAS’ case this has not happened, whatsoever.

HAMAS refuses to recognize or accept the OSLO agreements and still calls for the destruction of Israel. How is it possible for these groups or organizations that wish to boycott Israel to overlook a government policy by HAMAS that advocates wiping out its neighbor? Is that not a bit fishy?

These agreements are internationally recognized and stipulate the recognition of Israel’s right to independence along with the Palestinians’ right to statehood. HAMAS refuses to accept Israel’s right to exist. That alone is a crime by the laws of the United Nations. However, some choose conveniently to “forget” that until this very day not just HAMAS, but most of the Arab world, has been committing crimes against international law by not accepting the UN recognition and acceptance of Israel.

Thus, if these organizations boycotting or threatening to boycott, Israel were serious about peace, or truly in support of the principles of democracy, they would be boycotting HAMAS, not Israel. Instead as always they carry out one-sided, biased attacks against Israel.

Think about the facts clearly: Israel has more than once offered up statehood and an end to the occupation. In every case these offers have been rejected. They have not been rejected by the Israeli Right, nor by her supposed hardliners. No, in every case a majority of Israelis have stood behind their leaders, no matter how many concessions they have offered in the name of peace. These offers of peace by Israel and the readiness of Israel to recognize statehood for the Palestinian people have always been rejected by the supposed moderates of the Palestinian camp. Why no boycott there?

So, again I ask, why boycott Israel? Their cries say because we are embargoing the Gaza strip, and/or because of the occupation and/or because of war. Well, I’ll ask them this: why haven’t they boycotted HAMAS or the Palestinian people for shooting, indiscriminately, 8000 rockets into southern Israel? This is a crime against humanity over which there should be no debate.

In each case Israel has done everything to stop this situation while the Palestinians and the Arab world has done everything to keep it alive. But no boycotting of Arab oil! Funny how all the boycotters of Israel are apparently willing to look the other way at the atrocious crimes committed by HAMAS, the Palestinians in general and the Arab world, as long as they can put that Arab black gold in their cars.

So, why are organizations in the international community boycotting a democratic, open country and not boycotting a super conservative, chauvinistic, homophobic, repressive and militaristic society? Oil, Ignorance, arrogance, and anti-Semitism I guess.

Israel is not a perfect country and I will be the first to admit it. On the other hand the people who are attempting to boycott Israel are wrong. They have ignored in all possible ways the crimes that are being committed against Israel. The artists, politicians and organizations that want to boycott Israel are shameful, because they have traded in their supposed liberal ideals for biased, one-sided and racist policies.

The biggest joke of this whole mess? Why is it that Israel is the only nation to win a war ... no, to win several wars ... and yet have to make constant concessions and compromises to the losers of those wars? Why is it that Israel is the only nation, perhaps in the history of nations, which must always yield, which must tolerate judgment and condemnation for defending her right to exist, and which must always, always, always parlay with charlatans who deny her basic right to exist?

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