Friday, May 21, 2010


The hypocrisy of the anti-Israel world know’s no bounds. It seems that week after week the academics, journalists and politicians are trying to outdo each other with their virulently anti-Israel and anti-Semitic behavior.

On one day we have the Prime Minister of Turkey using virulently anti-Semitic demagoguery against Israel because she defends herself against Palestinian Arab aggression. Then the representatives of the people with whom we are supposedly making peace (the Palestinian Authority) do all they can to delegitimize Israel and incite against our right to statehood on a nearly daily basis.

Ben White, a free-lance journalist who has become the darling of the anti-Israel cabal by authoring “Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner’s Guide” in England, went to great lengths to ensure that Benny Morris, a left-leaning Israeli historian, was not given the right to speak at a Cambridge college. The fact that this nobody was able to accomplish this is simply a measure of how popular it is in academic circles to hate Israel. Yet pro-Palestinian types are allowed to speak at the university whenever they want.

Gideon Levi of Haaretz continues to increase his dark fantasy world by comparing Israel to North Korea. The calls for boycotts against Israel grow louder, while nothing is said or done about the constant Arab refusal to recognize Israel’s right to exist as the Jewish State.

Lets start with Recep Tayyip Erdogan: The Prime Minister of Turkey can’t resist the most hypocritical, outrageous and anti-Semitic criticism of Israel. Here are some of his quotes. Last November Erdogan said that Israeli actions in Gaza were far worse than what the government in Sudan had done in Darfur. In Paris this spring he called Israel “the principal threat to peace in the Middle East.” He also called Israel's stance on Jerusalem “madness.” At the Davos conference last year Erdogan fell into a virulent, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic diatribe, calling Israelis “murderers” and “genocidists” because of Operation Cast Lead. He has continuously said Jews run the world media.

The problem here is that Prime Minister Erdogan is the leader of a country that has deprived the Kurdish nation its self-determination and statehood. For some reason the Palestinians are more deserving of a state than the Kurds are. The Palestinians obviously are also more “human” than the Kurds. The Turks have no problem mass killing Kurds, bombing their homelands with modern fighter Jets, all unprovoked, while Israel cannot defend herself after Hamas shoots 8,000 rockets into southern Israel.

On top of all of this,Turkey happens to be the country that committed the world’s first act of recorded genocide and crimes against humanity when she mass-murdered more than one million Armenians and displaced thousands more. More recently, when not calling Israel names, Erdogan has been busy muzzling his judges and jailing his own generals (those who are most secular). This man has a right to judge Israel?

Erdogan is just one of many politicians who have taken on a vehemently anti-Israel and anti-Semitic attitude. Others like Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and half of the third world grow increasingly disgusting with their rhetoric. Meanwhile all of them are committing atrocities against their people that far exceed anything Israel could or has ever cooked up against the Palestinians, or their own citizen-Arabs.

How does the world expect Israel to be receptive to peace, when so much of the world is not receptive to the Jewish nation’s right to self-determination and self-defense of the state they have built?

Ben White is yet another glaring example of all that is evil with the Anti-Israel camp: White will obviously go well out of his way to suppress the freedom of speech to anyone who dares to support Israel’s right to exist, even if they happen to be left-leaning liberals.

He managed to deny Benny Morris, a left-leaning historian who regularly takes Israel to task for what she has done to the Palestinians in the past, the right to speak at Cambridge University -- under the guise of Morris being a racist!

White’s total fabrication is yet another example of how far those of his ilk will go in their attempts to smear Israel; much like the Nazis did in pre-WW2 Germany to delegitimize Jews and their supporters. White’s deceit enabled university authorities to cancel Morris’ speech for fear that he “might get attacked if he were to appear at Cambridge." These tactics are totally similar to those used by the Brownshirts of the Nazi party.

In all of this Morris’s only crime was that he believes that Israel has the right to exist as the Jewish State alongside a Palestinian State.

Ben White calls Israel an Apartheid State, ignoring the fact that Israel is a representative democracy whose Parliament is made up of thirteen Arab members and five more who are Druze. White also omits to mention that the Palestinians are still in their political position solely because of the mistakes their own leaders made by putting the destruction of Israel before the creation of Palestine. Ben White chooses to forget that the Palestinians were offered full peace, 97% of the West Bank, East Jerusalem as their capital city, three quarters of Jerusalem’s old city, all the Gaza Strip and the Right of Palestinian refugees to return to the new Palestinian State.

More than anything it is Ben White’s attitude toward Israel herself and the Jewish nation that truly reveals him not just as anti-Israeli but also as an anti-Semite. Ben White blames Israel for anything and everything that happens in the Arab-Israel conflict. He singles Israel out as an Apartheid State, while totally overlooking the fact that the Palestinians have totally de-Judaized Samaria and Judea where and when they can. He overlooks the fact that the Arab and Muslim world have done everything to deny the Jews their rights over their own religious sights.

It does not bother Ben White that Jews can’t buy land in Jordan and non-Muslims or non-Arabs can’t become citizens of Arab countries. It does not bother Ben White that Israelis and Jews are not allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia. More than anything Ben White has this incredibly skewed opinion that the Arabs deserve yet another country, their twenty-fourth in the world. But the Jews for some reason do not deserve their own country in the land that has been theirs since history began.

It is Ben White who is, in fact, the racist. Of course, his justification for his racism is that it is directed at Israel and the Jews, that of course makes it acceptable.

Gideon Levi is a lot like Ben White. The big difference between the two is that Gideon Levi is Jewish and lives, breathes and enjoys all the “perks” of Israel’s democracy. Levi betrays the responsibility that comes with being a journalist in a country that has freedom of speech, when he presents fallacious statements about his country’s character. Like Ben White, Levi will do anything to delegitimize Israel’s behavior towards the Palestinians. To Levi it makes no difference that the Palestinian Arabs have done nothing but spit in the face of Israeli peace overtures time and time again. Levi does not care that the Arabs started this war before Israel’s independence and he couldn't care less that the Arabs have done everything to keep this war going.

No, to Gideon Levi the major problem is that Israel happens to be the one and only Jewish State in the world. It does not make a difference that this Jewish State affords more freedoms to its Arab, Druze, Circassion and Bedouin minorities than are afforded to American and Western European minorities.

There are also the boycotts and attempted boycotts of Israel the world over. It seems it‘s unfair for Israel to boycott/blockade the Gaza strip in response to a constant barrage of rocket fire and a government (Hamas) that calls for Israel’s destruction. But it’s all right for English Labor unions and the U.S. Presbyterian Church to boycott and blockade Israel.

This type of insane hypocrisy is what makes peace impossible. If these groups wish to boycott Israel, they had better boycott Palestinian goods for Hamas’s crimes against humanity. It is Hamas that started the terrorist suicide bombing campaign during the early to late Nineties that ended in the assassination of Itzhak Rabin and the death of the Peace Process. What these boycotts are saying is that is okay for the Palestinians to say no to peace and to incite against Israel. But Israel is not entitled to fight back, to maintain her freedom and statehood.

The anti-Israel camp appear not to care that the Palestinian poor are getting poorer, that the stateless are still stateless. Or, if they do, they blame it all on Israel. Their apparent goal is the delegitimization and destruction of Israel. For them it is not about creating the state of Palestine next to the Jewish State of Israel; it is about wiping the Jewish off of the map of the earth.

For the Palestinian I say this: if your situation is bad, refer to your dad and his before that. What’s your reason for being angry at Israel? Karma is real, and it is your dad and his dad who started this deal.

The Palestinians would be wise to recognize that Anti-Israel haters aren’t going to get them a state. Nor will they better their chances at attaining peace in the Middle-East by denying their true brothers their right to self-determination. The Palestinians absolutely and finally must realize they made a tremendous mistake by rejecting partition. They made an even bigger mistake by rejecting peace in 1993 and choosing war again in 2000. If they do not wake up soon and realize their time for statehood is running out, the Palestinians will lose everything: culture, society and nation.

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  1. The land in question, has been conquered in bloody battles for millenia. Jews amongst the many. It was their land to take because of the sword, just as many others. To assume control of land from that far back because you might be a descendant, or have an affiliation with the religion, sounds silly.
    Speaking of WWII, the assignment of the land by foreign powers, sounds very similar to the division of Europe by Churchill and Stalin.
    Native Americans are still angry about what happened to them hundreds of years later. Can you give them a few acres of land and expect them to be "all good"? How old is the grudge of Egyptian slavery with Jews? Do you really think 62yrs of anger is all that long, or unexpected?
    This is a heated area, mostly because of religion. Which is extremely hard to reason with, and both sides have massive amounts of legitimate fuel for their causes.
    The point being, the State of Israel won the war, and to the victor go the spoils. The loser is angry and hateful (assuming they survive). Deal with the aftermath as you will. You are now a legitimate country in the eyes of the world. I don't have much sympathy for governments in general, just the people getting injured.
    PS: The last sentence sounds like Israel will "annex" more of Palestine soon.