Tuesday, May 17, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

If you are wondering how the Arab mind works, consider the actions perpetrated by "Palestinians" on Nakba Day.

Large groups of Arabs attempted to bust through the Israeli border fence in the North from Lebanon and in the South from Gaza.

The border is there for a purpose and when a group attempts to force its way into another country; that country -- in this case Israel -- has every right to defend itself against illegal intruders.

Thus, when the Arabs tried to illegally break into Israel they were repulsed by the Israel Defense Forces.

What did the "Palestinians" expect the IDF to do, lay out a red carpet and hand instant Israeli citizenship to the rabble?

Did Mahmoud Abbas and his henchmen really believe that there would be anything but an attempt to repulse the invaders?

What the Arabs did was roughly equivalent to a youngster knowingly pouring boiling hot water over his hand and then blames the water for scalding him.

So the "Palestinians" deliberately -- and illegally -- put themselves in harms way -- a position to be burned -- and then they get burned.

But instead of blaming themselves for their demise, they blame the soldiers legitimately defending their country.

Naturally, Abbas instantly declares the illegal entrants "martyrs." What else?

And the damn thing is that -- as always -- Israel will be blamed for doing what it was supposed to do.

It's called Middle East logic as seen through the eyes of Arabs!

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