Monday, May 2, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Today, May Second 2011 is Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel.

It is a solemn day when we remember the six million plus Jews who were killed by Nazi Germans and their EUROPEAN allies.

Today also happens to be the same day that American Special Forces assassinated Osama Bin Laden.

It took the American Army and intelligence services ten years to kill one of the most evil and elusive murderers in history, but the job got done in the end.

In remembering the Holocaust we Israelis and Jews abroad must always remember that this world is inherently anti-Semitic.

We must remember that those “humanitarian” Europeans who judge Israel when she protects her citizens from Palestinian Terrorism are the same people who committed the worst type of Genocide this world has seen during the Holocaust.

In remembering the Holocaust we must always remember that the second we become bamboozled by appeasement and forget to fight for Jewish freedom and self-determination we have signed our own death wish.

It is crucial that we also remind our Jewish brothers and sisters abroad not to be fooled by false freedoms -- freedoms the Jews of Europe believed they permanently had before the Nazis came into power.

If you hide your head in the sand and ignore the ever-growing anti-Semitism emanating from Islam and the Left, you will end up in the same position as the Jews who refused to see what Nazi fascism had in store for them.

What happened in Europe can happen again and Israel is the only reason why it has not happened sooner.

This Holocaust Remembrance day more than ever it is important not just to remember the Jews who were slaughtered by Europeans, but also to remember that the Palestinian Nation played an immense role in killing the Jews of Europe.

Haj Amin Al-Husseini the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, leader of the Palestinian Nationalist movement during World War II, not only sided with the Nazi’s but also stayed with Hitler during the war in Berlin and recruited for the SS.

The Grand Mufti went so far as creating his own final solution for the Jews of Israel, had the Germans defeated the British in the Middle East.

Somehow the Palestinian leadership has done an amazing job of covering up this bit of history.

This evil part of Palestinian history must not only be remembered on Holocaust Remembrance day, but Israeli diplomats must clearly remind their Palestinian -- and for that matter European counterparts -- of this crime against the Jewish Nation.

Today the Palestinians again have reminded the world who they truly are.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas condemned the America for killing the man who was behind the deaths of more then THREE THOUSAND AMERICAN CITIZENS.

Hamas, who has just joined a unity government with the supposedly moderate Palestinian Authority, has also adamantly stated they will never recognize the State of Israel.

Israeli politicians and diplomats must make it clear that America cannot ask Israel to talk with Hamas or the P.A. when they deny the Holocaust, deny the Jewish Nation’s right to exist.

While Remembering the citizens of the Jewish Nation that the Europeans BURNT TO ASH, we must not forget that even today the same anti-Semites are attempting to rob the Jewish Nation of its freedom, self-determination and nation/state.

Those who stand against Israel, those who equate her to an apartheid state, who say that the Jewish Nation has no right to self-determination in Israel, who wish to boycott Israel; all of these people are no different from the Nazis.

All the people who are a part of the aforementioned groups would have happily assisted the Nazis. They are anti-Semitic to the bone and this must be said LOUDLY

We must not hide the fact that groups like Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions and the International Solidarity Movement are no different from Nazi movement, and those who support it are supporting the same genocidal principals as the Nazis.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day we must also remember that the worst Anti-Semites are none other than the self-hating Jews who have joined these movements.

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