Sunday, May 15, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Never in his life has Benjamin Netanyahu faced a challenge that demands his utmost courage and belief in the righteousness of his country.

The Arabs -- disguised as Palestinians -- have revved up their anti-Israel propaganda to its highest pitch.

Nakba represents both the utter distortion of truth as well as the springboard for a campaign that demands refutation by Israel's Prime Minister as well as all who are concerned about survival of the Jewish State.

Demands for a Palestinian state should be denied for the following factual reasons:

1. The United Nations provided a two-state solution. The Jews accepted and the State of Israel was formed. The Arabs refused the state that would have been their Palestine.

2. Rather than accept a two-state solution, backed by the UN, the Arabs went to war with Israel.

3. The same slogan that is rooted in their past -- 1920s, 1930s, 1940s -- echoed throughout the Middle East -- "Death to the Jews." It didn't matter whether it was uttered by Hitler's henchman, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, or any of the other Arabs leaders.

4. Over and over again, the Arabs refused peace. Egypt's Nasser picked up where the Mufti left off and again Arab hostility led to the Six-Day War and yet another opportunity for a peaceful settlement.

5. Instead of once and for all, agreeing to hammer out a solution to the hostilities, the Arabs adamantly walked away from negotiations. They would have no part of them although the opportunity for a two-state solution was there for them to have yet again.

6. Any attempt to undermine Israel was seized by virtually every Arab leader with the exception of two. Egypt's Sadat was the first; and you know what happened to him. Mubarek maintained a Cold Peace, if such a thing can ben linked with harmony. Only King Hussein of Jordan was willing to shake hands and make at least a half-hearted attempt to live in peace with his Jewish neighbors.

7. Along came Yassir Arafat who duped Israel's left into the Oslo agreements and it has been downhill ever since.

8. Capitulating to Arafat -- proving that Arab intransigence works -- Israel made an unprecedented offer for a deal. The "Palestininans" would get more than any sane Israeli wanted to give; but there was the hope that if accepted, the elusive peace would come.

9. Taking the cue from his predecessors, Arafat turned his back on the overwhelmingly favorable offer and launched an Intifada. More innocent Jews were killed for no other reason than that they were Jews.

10. When Arafat died, it was believed the Mahmoud Abbas would be a "moderate." (By Arab standards, a "moderate" is someone who doesn't want to kill Israeli Jews right now, but later; that's another story.)

11. Coddled by the White House, Abbas demanded an Israeli halt in West Bank construction -- a "Settlement Freeze" -- before sitting down to negotiations. Against his better judgement, Bibi agreed to that freeze. In return he got frozen.

12. Weeks and then months went by but never did Abbas do as promised. Thus, the construction "Freeze" melted and the Arabs yelled and screamed -- "No fair!" -- as per usual.

13. Then, along came Nasrallah showering rockets on Israel as if they were pennies from heaven and, so, Israel was forced into a war once more. The "truce" that followed can only be described as a convenient opportunity to rearm Hezbollah for its next war against its neighbors.

14. Naively -- through the whole ugly mess -- Israel continued trying to be Mister Nice Guy. Thus, Gaza was handed over to the Arabs for nothing in the hopes that, somehow, it would inspire an equally peaceful Arab response. Ah, but Israel did get something in return; rockets, mortars, the murder of Jewish children in a school bus. You all know the Arab drill by now.

15. Meanwhile, murderous Hamas was true to its code of honor; brute force. Abbas and his "moderates" were gunned out of Gaza. In return Hamas did what you would expect Hamas to do; encouraged the rocketry, the mortars and any other form of hostility.

Nakba, my eye.

There can be no peaceful solution -- certainly no imposed one promoted by Obama -- because the Arabs do not want a permanent peace with Israel.

What can you expect from a people who want to erase any memories of the Holocaust?

The "Palestinian" idea of peace goes in three steps: 1. Force Israel into the 1967, indefensible borders; 2. Sign a pact; 3. Find a way to do what the Arabs have wanted to do all along; find more ways and means to wipe out the Jews!

Now it's up to Netanyahu to stand strong against the Obama pressure and repeat what must be Israel's permanent motto:


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