Monday, May 16, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Israel must ready herself for war.

The results of this year's Palestinian Day of Racism (Nakba) show there is NO PEACE PARTNER with which Israel can negotiate.

The Israeli government must make it clear to the world that provocations such as Arabs attempting infiltrating her borders will be met with determined force.

There is a large difference between letting the Arab citizens of Israel protest and allowing Arabs of a foreign country infiltrate her borders; no country in the world would stand for this!

What happened Sunday on the borders of Israel is without a doubt the doing of Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas. These countries and terrorist groups must be made to understand that Israel will not stand for attempts to deflect the problems of Syria onto Israel.

On top of this the behavior of Israel’s Arab citizens has put them at odds and in the direction of a head on collision with their Jewish CO-patriots.

Israel is a democratic nation that is eighty percent Jewish. Israeli Arabs make up around twelve to fifteen percent of Israel. They enjoy equal rights and are, hands down, the freest Arabs in the world.

If Israel’s Arab citizens riot on the streets, calling the state they USE for their benefit a CATASTROPHE, then they are causing problems only for themselves.

It is hard for Israel’s Jewish citizens to trust their Arab CO-patriots when they behave with such hostility toward the State that benefits them so much. Can you imagine what would happen in the U.S. if the entire South protested on the anniversary of the date Lee surrendered at Appomattox?

Israel’s Arab citizens must make a choice: do they want to be Arab citizens of Israel enjoying equal rights in the Jewish Democratic State; or do they want to be Palestinians?

They work, live and build families with Israel’s Jewish citizens, not with the Palestinians. If the Arab citizens of Israel wish to put their lot in with the Palestinians, then they should go live in the Palestinian Authority controlled territories and the future Palestinian State.

They forget that it is the Jewish, Druze and Circassian sons and daughters of Israel who fight and die to protect all the citizens of Israel, Arabs included.

The Jewish citizens of Israel can no longer accept a day where twelve to fifteen percent of their CO-patriots riot in the streets, calling their country a Catastrophe. It is beyond insulting; it is racist and provocative.

It is these provocations, along with hostility coming from the Palestinians, Syrians, Hezbollah -- and even now the New Egypt -- that should show Israel that she can no longer put any faith in talks with her Arab neighbors.

The blind days of Peace are over and Israel must prepare herself and her citizens for a return to the days right after 1948.

But Israel must not fear the false threat of a unilateral Palestinian declaration of independence.

Israel must make it very clear that the instant a Palestinian State is declared, the land the Palestinians have is what they will get and nothing more. Further, not a single Palestinian will ever be allowed back into Israel.

Palestinians who wish to live or work in Israel can forget about it. No more work permits and for sure no more family reunifications. If an Arab or Palestinian wants to reunify their family, they can do it in the Palestinian State, not in Israel.

Sunday’s events show that the Arab world is still not willing to accept Israel and worse, that yet another generation of Arabs has been taught to hate Jews and Israel.

It is the Arabs, not Israel, who have taught their children this. It is ARAB PARENTS who have taught their children to hate Israel and Jews, not the Settlements and not Israel.

War is here and here to stay.

It is time to wake up, Israel. The sleeper must awaken. We must ready ourselves to fight the colonialist, imperialist forces of the Arab and Muslim world.

Tragically for us all, they remain on our doorstep with anger and hatred; their intention to annihilate Israel and her Jewish citizens has not changed.

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