Sunday, May 8, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The canned euphoria that has followed the alleged assassination of Osama bin Laden is fraught with duplicity.

From day to day, the White House -- or its various other "official" mouthpieces -- feed the public differing versions from the day before.

The lying never stops as Obama, Inc. tries to portray the president as a latter-day Lochinvar when, in fact, he's more like the Wizard of Ooze. The man oozes with falsehoods.

Meanwhile Barack Obama's media press agents -- led by the New York Times -- are desperately pushing an image of a "strong" president as if it was the White House that had anything to do with the planning and (alleged) execution of the al-Qaida leader. Revelations now are showing quite the opposite.

A compelling blog by Jim Vineyard, via Yedidim of Israel, details a process by which the "hit" on bin Laden was a year in the making. It was blueprinted by a group including Leon Panetta, director of the CIA, Robert Gates, David Petraeus and Hillary Clinton.

It's noteworthy that Obama -- described as "an absentee president" -- was uninvolved throughout, although his left wing guru, Valerie Jarrett, battled Panetta for months to prevent the bin Laden murder. In fact, when Jarrett -- as anti-Israel as any in the president's inner circle -- tried to halt the raid, she was overruled by the Panetta bloc and the raid was set in motion. Left to his decision, the indecisive president would have heeded Jarrett's advice and done nothing.

So, what we have is a White House that with a supposedly "strong" -- ask The Times -- leader whose chief puppeteer, Jarrett, couldn't even halt an assault orchestrated by her in-house adversary, Panetta. If anything, the inside story once again suggests a weak, indecisive president who essentially is getting credit for what, in reality, was Panetta's end-run around the Obmama sidekick Jarrett, that led to the Navy SEALs operation.

That said, let's get around to the more important issue, the violation of Pakistani sovereignty in order to pull off a targeted killing.

Assuming that bin Laden was, in fact, killed -- where are the photos? who's afraid to show them? why? -- much of the world acknowledges that it was a positive move.

The Pakistani's have their doubts but who cares about them? Pakistan has received $20 billion from Uncle Sam since 9/11 and, despite the aid, essentially enabled bin Laden to live in the lap of luxury and security until Panetta boxed out Jarrett and set the SEAL raid in motion.

What matters now is that the man behind the September 11 attacks became an American target who had to be eliminated; and, ostensibly was, in a foreign country.

No argument there.

But if Uncle Sam deems it quite all right to send troops, uninvited, into a country such as Pakistan -- which called the raid "an unauthorized unilateral action" -- why shouldn't Israel resume its once-successful policy of targeted killings?

The answer to that should be fully affirmative for Benjamin Netanyahu.

Unlike the United States, which shares friendly borders with Mexico and Canada -- not to mention friendly seas on the Atlantic and Pacific sides -- Israel is surrounded by enemies.

While Pakistan was -- and is -- the breeding ground for terrorists, it desperately tries to portray itself as an American ally; hence the $20 billion poured in since 9/11.

That's not the case when it comes to Hamas in Gaza or Hezbollah in Lebanon, nor the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and, of course, Iran.

In each case, venomous leaders such as Nasrallah in the North and Ismail Haniyeh in the South have preached the death of Israel in the same manner that bin Laden exhorted his followers to join the death-to-America camp which he had fostered for decades.

What was good for bin Laden should be grand for any Jew-hating leader -- Haniyeh at the top of the list -- who engineers the deaths of Israeli school children riding home on a bus, who orchestrates mortar and rocketry attacks on the Negev and other forms of anti-Jewish terror.

Targeted killings have worked for Israel in the past -- Hamas will confirm that -- and they can work again.

Logic dictates that what's good for America -- bad for al Qaeda -- should be good for Israel; and bad for Bibi's enemies!

If the U.S. Navy SEALs can do it, let the targeted killings begin again for the Israel Defense Forces!

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