Friday, September 14, 2012


By Simon Fischler and Schmoel Yitzhak

As easy as exhaling and inhaling the Middle East Arabs, Muslims -- all of militant Islam and supposed moderates as well --  incessantly call for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews.

They do it publicly, privately, in print and over the airwaves. Given an opportunity, they would shout it from every house top if not every mosque. 

In between their gales of hate, the Arabs attempt to skewer history; denying the Jews their roots to Israel. The campaign to delegitimize the only legitimate democracy in the Mideast has been an offshoot of this venomous policy.

Make no mistake, Jews aren’t their only targets. Coptic Christians, Druse, Kurds and other minorities -- Buddhists in particular who were targeted by the Taliban -- have been victimized over and over again.

Judging by the “so what?” reaction of the so-called civilized world to all of the above indignities one would get the impression that such behavior is acceptable. 

What it does indicate is that world-wide fear of Muslims and militant Islam has reached such an absurd point that a terribly-made film -- “Innocence of Muslims” -- has sparked riots throughout the Arab world. 

The Arab/Muslim over-the-top reaction to a Grade-F movie is a glaring example of how Islam is neither the religion of peace nor a religion at all. 

Rioting throughout the Muslim world over “Innocence of Muslims” proves that Islam is nothing more than a political movement.

More to the point Islamic leaders have managed to herd their followers like uneducated sheep. Islam-inspired rioting over a ridiculous flick merely is an extension of fascist, controlled, globalization! 

Why is this so? If a relatively innocuous movie can push a billion people, on a global scale, to behave completely against the norms of society -- specifically killing and destruction -- we are witnessing a form of thought control heretofore unprecedented in our universe.  

No less astounding as Islam’s volcanic reaction to the film is the timid, unmistakably fearful  position assumed by the Obama administration.

Instead of condemning rioting on the Egyptian and Libyan streets, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apologized for “Innocence of Muslims,” calling it “disgusting,” as if such a review was necessary. How tepid a response; how mis-informed could the White House be?

What manner of response would have been appropriate from Pennsylvania Avenue?

A firm point should have been made to the Egyptian Government and its Muslim Brotherhood backers; in as loud a voice as possible:


BOTTOM LINE: Militant Islam is spawning a war with Uncle Sam while his head remains buried in sand. It is a global conflict, make no mistake about it.

As we write this the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for rallies against America following Friday “prayers.” This is the same MB that is running Egypt and accepting billions of dollars from Washington.

Enough of the mealy-mouth absurdities from Mrs. Clinton.

It’s time that the White House understands these facts of political life before free life, as we know it, is extinguished by rioting Islamists disguised by a slimy slogan called “Arab Spring.”


  1. Indeed. Islam is a totalitarian political system covered by a fascistic death cult. It is directed toward "Allah"--a god who demands that his worshippers kill in his name; and its exemplar of the perfect man, Muhammad, is a warmongering mass murderer whose beheadings of unarmed innocents caused the streets "to run with blood" according to the Islamic historian; while he sat with his child-bride Aisha and watched the proceedings.

  2. What's disgusting is this shit post. It is not the responsibility of the US to protect Israel. Israel is just another country and should have no preference over other supposed at risk nations.

    This post was supported with zero facts and is hateful.

  3. The author is every bit the hateful lunatic he complains about. The Middle East is fucked because no one over there has an interest in education and more to the point, people are purposely kept from well rounded educations so as to be more easily manipulated by evil purportedly religious zealots (who are cowards that hide behind children in dynamite vests). Apparently that process is alive and well in the west too. This is in no way productive. If the US would invest more in innovation, education and science we could find alternative fuels and just get out of the middle east forever. Israel has enough nukes to turn that whole region into a mirror. They don't need our help but are more than happy to greedily suck up every dollar and bomb our legislators are browbeat into giving them while providing nothing of value in return. It's a very parasitic relationship all based on generational guilt for not intervening in the holocaust soon enough.

  4. The film didn't spark violence, the film is the medias scapegoat to protect this Empty administrations lack of intervention and support of building true democracies in the middle east. They had every chance. I say Israel should kick ass and protect itself without consent from the Obamination.