Sunday, August 4, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

If there's any doubt about the uselessness of the Obama-Kerry peace-push, one only has to read headlines in Arab newspapers throughout the Middle East.

The hate-Israel -- translated hate Jews  -- campaign gets revved up a few notches at this time of year because of the Jewish State's mere existence.

From Ramallah to Tehran anti-Israel demonstrations have taken place this week, more venomous than ever.

In another year this hardly would be surprising but in 2013 there was a figment of hope that at least some pro-Palestinians would take note of Obama's attempt to reconcile Israelis and their mean-spirited antagonists. 

The hope was based on the fact that both sides have agreed to meet. Or, to put it more bluntly, Mahmoud Abbas & Company has been pushed -- bribed -- to the negotiating table. 

One would have imagined that in this atmosphere of hope the Palestinians would have taken a brief sabbatical from their bloodthirsty rhetoric and spoken sweetly about Israel, a nation that has preached good-neighborliness since its inception in 1948.

But such is not the case. The new Iranian leader has picked up with his petulant predecessor left off and nothing heard from other Islamic precincts suggest any diminishing of Israel-bashing.

Surely, this would be a time for either the White House or its peace puppeteer, Kerry, to unabashedly condemn such virulent criticism of the only democracy in the Middle East. 

From Obama we hear nothing critical of the hateful Arabs. From Kerry, nothing but a blind attempt to push peace talks that can have no value based on Middle East reality.

On that subject I'll submit two -- out of many -- bones of contention.

1. DEMILITARIZING THE PALESTINIAN STATE: One of Benjamin Netanyahu's planks before signing any treaty with the Arabs is to create a de-militarized Palestine.

History has shown the such attempts at de-militarizing rarely work. After World War I, the victorious Allies tried to create a demilitarized Germany and we know what Hitler did about that.

More recently, the United Nations force designated to keep the peace between Syria and Israel has been so intimidated by Islamic militants that countries who have contributed "peacekeepers" have withdrawn their troops. 

De-militarizing a Palestinian state would last, maybe, six months before the Arabs do precisely what Nasrallah's Hezbollah has done in defiance of the armistice; stocked up on thousands of missiles directed at Israel.

2. THE GAZA, SYRIA, HEZBOLLAH THREATS: Even supposing that an Israeli-Arab peace pact could be drawn up, what value would it have if Hamas continues to rule Gaza, Hezbollah dominates Lebanon and Assad continues to maintain his manslaughter machine in Syria?

Serious threats would still surround Israel with neither Obama nor Kerry willing or able to defuse those time bombs. 

Ergo: The peace talks are full of apple sauce.

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