Saturday, August 31, 2013


By Sig Demling

Never mind England's decision to refrain from entering Assad's Syrian killing fields. 

Never mind Barack Obama's dither-dither policy over attacking the murderous dictator's weaponry. 

This obscene bit of head-of-state fearfulness is something we've come to expect and explains why Israel should never, ever, rely on its so-called "allies" for support in anycircumstance.

Which brings me to a moral equation that says it all about how the Outside World reacts to Israel.

More importantly it emphasizes how the Middle East's only democracy must now thinkindependently without regard to Uncle Sam, John Bull (as in bullshit), non-belligerents and those determined to annihilate Israel.

According to a conservative death scoreboard more than a thousand human beings have been wiped out in Syria. Mind you, that is not counting those who perished in the most recent chemical attack launched by Assad.

In that period not a single Syrian has been killed by the IDF -- nor by any Israeli for that matter -- nor has Benjamin Netanyahu declared war on Lebanon's Nasrallah nor the nut cases who command Gaza and Iran.

Yet in that span of Syrian madness, it is innocent Israel which has been incessantly assailed by the European Union and, specifically, Great Briton's Lady Ashton (proving that anybody can be a Lady.)

 Why -- as if by knee-jerk reaction -- do they endlessly invoke sanctions against Israel?

Because of bedrooms and living rooms; that's why. Because of kitchens, toilets and whatever else goes into a normal household; that's why. Home-building is a sin in the eyes of Brits; gassing of innocents is of no consequence to them.

Ashton & Company want to bring Israel to its knees because Bibi insists that his country has the right to build homes for its citizens. These are dwellings without guns. They have patios without mortars; lawns without rocket-launchers. 

And, by the way, none of these Israeli apartments have -- or will -- shield missile sites as is the widespread case in Lebanon and Gaza. These are one, two and in some cases three-bedroom homes which have and will house Jews who want to live in peace. 

So on the one hand you have Lady Ashton's assorted do-gooders playing ostrich over Syria's mountainous death toll while Lady A gets her vowels in an uproar because Jews want to live in an apartment. 

Could be in East Jerusalem, Ariel or Hebron. It doesn't really matter where; what matters is that Jews have every right to want to live where they want to live.

This reasonable desire, unfortunately, has been warped into something equivalent to a cardinal sin by the BS-ing Brits, by the anti-semitic EU not to mention any of the growing band of Jew-haters in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Belgium.

Obama draws a red line with Assad and then conveniently forgets about it while Syrians get gassed. Jews build homes and the president's latest puppet, John Kerry, goes ape over apartments. 

There's something egregiously illogical about that but, then again, when it comes to Israel-bashing, logic not only takes a back seat, it completely disappears.

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