Tuesday, August 20, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Every day in every way the illusion that John Kerry can somehow produce a lasting peace between Arabs and Israelis is perpetuated in the papers.

It is an illusion for the following reasons:

1. Grad rockets fired from the Sinai at Eilat by Islamic fanatics.

2. Assorted other rockets fired from Gaza at Sedorot by Hamas-sponsored murderers.

3. An attack on an Israeli patrol that caused injury to four members of the IDF. Hezbollah took credit for that. 

While Kerry supports the feeble Mahmoud Abbas and his so-called Palestinian Authority in a "peace process" a real war is threatening all three of Israel's borders.

Each is a legitimate concern for Benjamin Netanyahu

The Obama-Kerry Theory that a Mahmoud-Bibi pact will make even the tiniest dent in the warlike armor confronting Israel from Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and the Sinai is beyond fallacious. 

It's the height of illusion.

A peace pact is possible only when Arabs on all fronts of Israel are ready to accept the Jewish State for what it is.

Such a Promethian feat -- by Islamic standards -- is impossible since the "Hate Israel" mantra is imbued in every Middle East capital from Damascus to Tehran and you can throw in Beirut for good measure. 

Not once does either Kerry nor his puppeteer, Obama, mention the venous anti-Israel virus that infects every as aspect of Arab thinking. 

Nor has the White House ever made good on its "Protect Israel's back" vow that has taken on the shape of a grand illusion. 

Not surprisingly, but the left-winging (pro-Obama) tilted American media turns away from any such indictment of the Chief Executive.

But writers such as Emily Schrader. a political consultant, correctly addresses the issue head-on. Authoring in The Jerusalem Post, Schrader lays the indisputable facts on the line.

"The Obama administration has repeatedly strong-armed Israel from the start," says Schrader. "It perpetuates the myth, believed by many European countries, that Israel takes unnecessary actions that harm the prospects of peace with the 'oppressed' Palestinians."

Every action on the Arab side since the current peace discussions began has been hostile. Look at the record:

1. Uncle Sam agrees that Arab-Israeli talks must begin without pre-conditions.

2. Abbas demands pre-conditions. He insists that a large number of murderous Arab prisoners be released from Israeli jails.

3. Coerced by Obama, Bibi agrees as a matter of good faith to the pre-condition. 

4. Never satisfied, the Arab negotiator demands more pre-conditions.

Schrader: "Not only has the US government strong-armed Israel into releasing over 100 cold-blooded terrorists in order to appease the Palestinians, but it has simultaneously ignored Abbas’ statement to the Egyptian press that Palestine with be Judenrein.

One can’t help but wonder what the reaction would be if Netanyahu had stated that no Arabs would live in the State of Israel.”

You know the reaction.

The European Union would declare that Israel should extend from Tel Aviv to Jaffa and that would be that.

What’s astonishing is that there has been no reaction from Israel’s “friends” in the White House to Abbas’ judenrein declaration.

What’s even more astonishing is Kerry’s grand illusion that militant Islam ever will come to terms with Israel as what it is -- The Jewish State. 

It will never happen and that explains why the “peace talks” remain a colossal waste of time and hot air.

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