Wednesday, August 14, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

Apparently John Kerry has forgotten that Israel has offered the Palestinians statehood on more than one occasion. 

The good Secretary has also forgotten that the Palestinian camp always says that Yassar Arafat could never have accepted the compromise offered to him at Camp David and at the Taba negotiations for fear of assassination. 

That means Arafat could not accept the realization of Statehood for the Palestinian nation in simple return for recognizing Israel as the Jewish State and giving up on destroying Jewish self-determination.

So, I ask, where is the Peace? 

These pro-Palestinian advocates never point out that Itzhak Rabin paid for peace with his life, as did Anwar Sadat of Egypt. 

Revisionists will try to distort what has happened since the start of the Oslo debacle.  

They will say Arafat did not get enough. 

To a degree they are right. Arafat was not capable of getting Ehud Barak to dismantle Israel by accepting the Palestinian right of return; and no responsible Israeli leader will. The Arabs, as a colonialist nation, have never been ready to compromise. 

History is there to remind us that no one ever gets exactly what he really wants. 

The Yishuv (pre-Israel Jewish leadership in mandate Palestine) wanted far more land than was given to them when the United Nations partitioned the British Mandate. David Ben Gurion did what the Palestinians still have not learned to do. He compromised and did what was best for his nation.

If the Palestinians truly wanted a state they could have already had one on numerous occasions. 

It has gotten to the point where one must ask the Palestinians if they truly want this state. 

Maybe it is better for them to always play the role of the innocent (wink, wink) victim? 

If Barack Obama, the EU and the UN really want peace for our region, then there is a simple way of getting it: make the Arabs finally take responsibility for their actions.

Make the Arabs take responsibility for turning their back on Partition in 1947. 

Make them take responsibility for starting the genocidal war to destroy the nascent state of Israel in 1948. 

Make them take responsibility for throwing away or stealing all the money that was given to them by the US and the EU for building the foundations of a state. 

Make them also take responsibility for taking much of that money and buying weapons to kill Israelis. 

Make them take responsibility for saying NO to peace and statehood at Camp David and Taba. 

Make them take responsibility for putting another thorn in the side of peace by sponsoring the Anti-Israel camp currently attempting to delegitimize Israel with slander and falsehoods. 


As I said, I want peace. I want the Palestinians to achieve self-determination and statehood, but not at the expense of Israel. 

We Israelis will never, ever give up our right to self-determination, statehood or the nation we have built and to the achievements we have created through our own hard work. 

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