Tuesday, August 27, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

For the last thirteen years I have made Israel my home; for the last four years I have made fighting for Israel on the internet my life.

After making Aliyah to Israel I hoped to be given the chance to serve in my new country’s army. 

Sadly, because of my medical situation (I’m the recipient of heart transplantation) I was denied that ability. So I decided instead, that if I could not defend my country in the army, I would do it online.

The last four years have been an eye-opening experience.

The amount of animosity directed towards Israel and those who defend her, make fighting for her a daunting task. 

The amount of hate mail I receive is simply astonishing and an amazing example of how sick those who stand against Israel truly are. 

When writing in defense of Israel, it is imperative to know the facts and to do your reading. Those fighting for the colonialist Arabs often blatantly lie and almost never present genuine facts. 

For them it is almost a necessity to do this, since most of the facts stack up against them.

We must never stoop to this level. Those who wish to defend Israel have such a plethora of historical facts defending our side of this argument, making it hugely important to use them and their sources. 

This is a war; it makes no difference that we are fighting on a different type of battlefield. 

When writing about our country we must move from the defensive to the offensive. 

Like the IDF of old, we need to grab the initiative and pre-empt organizations like BDS and their brethren. We need to hit them hard and often with facts.

If you happen to live in Israel like myself describing daily experiences is an amazing weapon against the anti-Israel, anti-Semites. This is one of the best ways to disprove the lie of Apartheid.. 

More than anything we must stop being so diplomatic in our defense of Israel. We must not be afraid to “out” these haters.

Those who hate Israel attack her with downright lies. 

They lie and use tactics similar to the worst Nazi propagandists.

When Omar Barghouti the founder of B.D.S says that Israel is an Apartheid State he is doing nothing more than deceiving those who are ignorant to the situation. 

Omar would never talk about the fact that Israeli Arabs enjoy all the freedoms of the state. 

He would never mention that there are 14 Arab members of the Knesset. He will never tell you that Israeli Arabs are allowed anywhere and everywhere in Israel. 

In apartheid South Africa or in the Segregated South of the United States this simply was not true. 

Anyone who does a little bit of research would know that in the former South Africa or the southern states in the US blacks were separated from Whites. The black Africans and African Americans were denied everything. Here in many cases Israeli Arabs enjoy greater freedoms than Israeli Jews. 

They do not have to serve on the Army, they are all living on government subsidies and rarely pay the land taxes we Israeli Jews do. 

Omar Barghouti also want tell you that Israeli Arabs enjoy greater freedoms than any other Arabs the world over; especially greater freedoms than Arabs living in Arab states. JUST LOOK AT SYRIA AND EGYPT FOR STARTERS! 

In fact Omar Barghouti and B.D.S are the people preaching Apartheid and possibly even genocide. 

Mr. Barghouti and his friends at B.D.S openly call for the destruction of Israel.

It is Mr. Barghouti who in fact fights for a racist and anti-Semitic policy when he calls for the destruction of the Jewish Nation. It is the people of B.D.S who openly want to deny the Jewish Nation their right to self-determination. 

If you want to write in defense of Israel then you must be ready to call these liars on their fabrications. You must be able to hit back at someone like Omar Barghouti.

Should we stoop to his level? NO, but we should not be afraid of calling these people and the organizations they represent what they truly are: RACISTS AND ANTI-SEMITES. 

That is where we are today: those who advocate the destruction of Israel and who delegitimize her are anti-Semites and they need to be called anti-Semites. 

Those who call Israel an apartheid state, even if it is through ignorance are anti-Semites and again, they must be called out on this. Diplomacy can no longer hold us back as these charlatans attempt to deny the Jewish Nation its right to self-determination. 

We must also work hard to create an umbrella organization for the defense of Israel on the Internet and in the media. The faster we create an umbrella group representing all those who back and love Israel on Facebook and Twitter and other internet sites, the faster we can gain the power to truly fight poisonous groups like BDS.

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