Sunday, November 2, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

It is high time that Israel rethink its attitude towards the International Criminal Court.

Israel made itself part of the ICC, signing the Rome Statute. This was ended in 2002 when Israel retracted its commitments to the ICC. 

There were many reasons why Israel did this, one was the pressure being applied on it from the Government of the United States of America, which also took itself out of the ICC.   

The fear Israel has towards this court is based on very real issues.

It has been shown overwhelmingly in the past that Israel is constantly judged in a biased and even anti-Semitic fashion. After all, it is the Jew among the nations! 

So why join yet another International Clown Court? 

Because this is the threat that the Palestinians are constantly laying on Israel and it is time to lay down a ferocious, diplomatic pre-emptive strike on the PA and PLO, a la Six Day War.

When one looks at what the court has been set up to investigate and prosecute it is mind boggling that Mahmoud Abbas, Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian Authority, the P.L.O and HAMAS would dare even threaten Israel with a court case.   

There are so many cases of broken international law, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing that the colonialist Arabs that call themselves Palestinians carried out it would be a field day for Israel. That is if the court functioned in a fair and unbiased manner.

Not to mention Israel could also haul in the "Palestinians" Arab brothers (all the Arab states that have made war against Israel, in breach of international law, since its inception) for all the same crimes. 

Since there are so many different instances that the Arab parties partook in war crimes, crimes against humanity and broken international law I will choose four that truly stick out in my mind.

The wholesale Arab rejection of the United Nations Partition Plan for two states for two peoples, one Jewish and one Arab.

Not only did the Arabs reject this plan, which alone was an act of colonialist aggression, they promised the complete and utter destruction of the nascent State of Israel and all its population.

A war of genocide was threatened to the world and the Arabs literally attempted to wipe out the Jews of Israel. 

As many Arab leaders said they were going to make the Mediterranean Sea red with Jewish blood. 

Because they failed in their goal does not make what they did any less of a War Crime. 

Without a doubt this was a crime against humanity and the amount of land and communities lost by Israel during this war could only be called ethnic cleansing. 

2. The Expulsion of Jews from Arab countries.

The number of Jews that were expelled from their homes and countries in response to the creation of the State of Israel numbers from 800,000 to 1,000,000.

Everything was taken from them. In almost all cases they were forced out their homes  with the clothes on their backs and nothing else. 

Many walked hundreds and hundreds of miles through desert and treacherous lands to get to Israel. 

This unforgivable war crime, ethnic cleansing personified and a crime against humanity is often overlooked by the international community because Israel took in these souls and gave them a home and a nation. 

That does not stop the fact that this heinous crime happened, it will be there waiting for discussion at the end of any agreement for peace.

3. The complete rejection by Arab States and the PLO of UN resolution 242.

It is real nice that the Palestinians accepted UN Security Council resolution 242 in 1993 with the Oslo Accords. The problem is, it was written and unanimously passed by the SECURITY COUNCIL on November 22, 1967; which means it was international law. 

The Palestinians and the Arab countries that lost the Six Day War rejected the resolution that would have given all their land back because it called on them to make peace and recognize the Jewish State of Israel. 

They were all in breach of international law the second they rejected it and were committing an ethnic and racial boycott, that sums it up pretty clearly. 

The joke here is that the Palestinians are forever attempting to get the world to refer to General Assembly resolution 194, which is in fact NOT INTERNATIONAL LAW being it was passed by the General Assembly and not the Security Council. 

4. The Rejection of the Camp David agreements in 2000 and the start of Arafats War.

Everyone knows today that Yasser Arafat (before he died) and Mahmoud Abbas have repeatedly said that they are now willing to sign a peace agreement on the terms that were offered up to Arafat by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak in 2000 at Camp David. 


It's to bad the Palestinians rejected PEACE and a PALESTINIAN STATE on 97%, yes people that's right, 97% of the land in Judea and Samaria, ALL of the Gaza Strip (with a linkage between them under Israeli and Palestinian Security), the large Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, control over the Muslim and Christian quarters of the Old City and the cherry on the pie, control over the Temple Mount. 

The fact that Arafat rejected this and then proceeded to start a suicide war against Israeli civilian centers is one of the greatest crimes against humanity the world has seen. 

It is because of this alone that there is no Palestinian state and settlements continue to be built. 

It is because of this alone that the Barrier which will eventually be a border was built and why there is no peace or even a peace process.

So I say to my government, let's put the pre into pre-emptive and let us test the credibility of this International Criminal Court to up hold the law. 

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