Sunday, November 30, 2014


By Simon Fischler

Just recently I had the pleasure of eating dinner in the Armenian Quarter of the old city of Jerusalem. 

Twelve years ago I had found the Armenian Tavern in the quarter and experienced one of the best meals of my life. 

Then the Tavern was actually owned by Armenians. 

Today I am sorry to say it is not the same.

Like in so many places in Jerusalem and Israel, Arabs have bought the Armenian Tavern. This is a stark reminder of how the Arabs are attempting to buy up Israel with Saudi oil money. 

They have kept the Armenian Tavern looking the same but the atmosphere is as fake as the Arab claim to the land of Israel. 

Our young, very gay, very white and blue-eyed waiter had a tattoo of a key on his arm. 

After announcing that he was not Armenian but Arab, he proceeded to tell me the key was to his grandfather’s home and was a long story I would not understand. 

I guess because I spoke Hebrew to him he knew I was an Israeli Jew. 

The arrogance of this child was sickening; at first I felt like pointing out how lucky he was to be living in Israel. 

It is a FACT that homosexuality is more accepted in Israel (i.e., open gays serve in the IDF without a word) than in America (where they’ve been fighting for years just to admit that there were gays in the US armed forces). 

Another FACT: if he had been born and raised in either the West Bank or Gaza Strip, he would have been dead ages ago, thanks to his sexual orientation. 

Although he and the rest of the Arabs posing as Armenians had done a fair job of ruining my meal, I was not going to let them totally destroy it by dragging me into an argument.

What this child does not understand is that I also posses a key to a house and that key trumps his! 

That’s right: in my possession is the key to my great-grandfather’s home; my great, great-grandfather’s home and also to my great, great, great-grandfather’s home. 

In fact I posses a family key that dates all the way back to the first Kingdom of Israel. 

This key has stayed with me through Ancient Greek tyranny, Babylonian tyranny, Assyrian tyranny, Roman Tyranny, Arab and Muslim Tyranny, Crusader Tyranny, again Arab and Muslim colonial tyranny and finally modern European tyranny. 

In every case the colonialist empires and peoples named above have tried to wrest that key from my hand and to wring it out of my blood; in all cases they have failed. 

From building mosques on my nation’s Temple Mount to creating imaginary peoples and places, these groups have done everything to steal my key. 

They have and will always fail! 

This key to my home is not just physical, nor is it imprinted on my skin. I do not need something that simplistic or materialistic to retain this eternal key. 

No, the key to the Hebrew, Israelite, Jewish and Israeli nation is much deeper than that: it is in my GENES. 

This key of mine was in my DNA long before the Arab nation swept in violent conquest out of the sand dunes in which they had been born. 

This key, my key, the Jewish Nation’s Key supersedes all other keys to the land and is locked in our name, our hearts, our souls.


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