Sunday, November 23, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Any clear-thinking American Jew who loves Israel and still believes that Barack Obama cares about the Middle East's only democracy requires a good head-cleaning. 

Every move the forked-tongue Chief Executive has made since taking office has been designed to undermine Benjamin Netanyahu's government.

Plan after plan, whether orchestrated by the White House or the State Department's official Dummy, John Kerry, has had Jew-hatred written all over it and not in subtle language either.

Pretending to be Israel's friend, the Democrat administration began undermining Israel from the moment Obama took office.

You can start with his dreaded, ill-advised and proven-totally-wrong Cairo speech?-- and move along to support for the Muslim Brotherhood which is dedicated to the elimination of Israel.

Virtually every Obama ally -- be it Turkey or Qatar -- wants to wipe the Israelis off the map and winds up coddled by Obama. And that goes for Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Worst of all has been Washington's disgraceful love affair with the Iranians.
While the mullahs of Teheran overtly plot to destroy Tel Aviv and other centers, the White House does nothing more than try to arrange an Iranian-American marriage which will have a far-reaching negative effect on the world at large, let alone our prime ally in the Middle East.

If Israel -- and by inevitable linkage, the world -- is to be saved it can only happen long-range via a fervently Israel friendly president in the next. Short-range, Israel's hope sits with the new Republican congressional majority thwarting Obama's every move. 


  1. The question is;

    What are O Bummer's priorities ?

  2. O Bummer was educated as a Muslim during his formative years in Indonesia.

    By conver6ting to Christianity he incurred an Islamic Death Sentence for himself and his family !!!

    He needs to sacrifice, first Israel and then the US to abrogate his Death Sentence.

    There is no defense against Suicide Murderers. Even if you are the P.O.T.U.S !!

    They will get you sooner or later !!!

    So it is easy to see where his personal priorities are !!!

    His words and actions prove that he is a 'Closet Muslim' intent on an Islam only World without Infidels'

    Selling him to the US population was a major coo for Islam.

    They sold the 'Flim-Flam Man' to the US populous. And the Idiots fell for it TWICE

  3. The defense of Israel is a major priority for the health of the world's non Muslims they call 'Infidels'.

    The demise of Israel is he 'Trigger for the Muslim Horde to commence the Koranic directive of 'Cutting the throats of the Infidel'.

    The Muslim hive has reached Critical Mass and is Swarming over the world as I write !!!

    Muslims engender psychopathic Suicide Murderers the world over.

    Muslim society breeds Psychopaths.

    Muslims are born and bred to revere Death and Martyrdom.

    We are born and bred to revere Life and Liberty .

    This is a war between Ideologies with no possible peaceful outcome


    Muslims know that the only way to change the ideology of a nation is by GENOCIDE !!!

    The survival of The rest of the Non Muslim world. Rests on the survival of Israel.

    Islam has been using the ME conflict as a focal point for their Jihad of Jihads.