Friday, November 7, 2014


By Simon Fischler

Is Mahmoud Abbas a partner for peace? 

Or maybe the better question is, has he ever been a partner for peace?

Can an Arab leader truly want peace with Israel if he continues to push an idea to the people he represents (the Arab invented Palestinians) that calls for a national RIGHT (the Arab invented Right of Return to Israel) that does not exist in international law?

Can Mahmoud Abbas claim to want peace or claim to be a peacemaker if he is still calling (as he did today) for a plan that would destroy the sovereign state of Israel; an eighty percent majority Jewish nation state.

Of course he cannot?

Again, no matter how much Abbas, the media, the Obama administration or the United Nations attempts to re-write history, it is there written in UN resolutions.

The two state solution that Mahmoud Abbas, Saeb Erekat and the rest of the PA cronies pretend to accept clearly calls for two states for two peoples, one Arab and one Jewish.

Abbas and his cronies do not accept this because they are unwilling to recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation state. 

This makes Israeli recognition of another Arab state called Palestine even more ridiculous. 

Abbas and co. always seem to forget that Israel exists and it is Palestine that does not exist. Israel is a sovereign nation with a population that is not just going to disappear. 

The only international LAW pertaining to refugees is UN Security Council resolution 242, which clearly states a just and negotiated solution to the refugee problem. 

It says nothing about refugees returning to Israel because the UN knew then that that would mean the destruction of Israel. 

Until Mahmoud Abbas starts telling his people the truth, until the Palestinians are ready to recognize the Jewish Nations greater right to statehood there will be no peace. 

A peace maker cannot incite to violence as Abbas has done in the last week and a Palestinian leader cannot claim to want peace if he still calls for the destruction of Israel as Abbas does.

Abbas, like Arafat is no Peacemaker and the Palestinians won't want peace until they teach their children what peace truly means, compromise by BOTH sides, not just Israel. 

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