Thursday, November 20, 2014


By Simon Fischler

The culprit behind the murder of four Rabbis in a Jerusalem synagogue is the cancerous, Arab, Islamic hatred for anyone that is not them. 

There is no excuse for a culture that glorifies murderers, nor should there be acceptance of a culture that teaches its children to kill. Sadly in much of the Arab world this is the heart of the Arab created political system of Islam. 

Islam truly is the pre-cursor to Nazi Fascism. 

No matter what Matt Damon or Ben Affleck want to sell you or bamboozle you with, go pick up a Quran and read it.

The sickening murders in Jerusalem are no different than the sickening murders being carried out on TV by yet another Fascist Arab group called ISIS. 

All of this information stands in direct contrast to lies the international community are attempting to spread. 

It is not settlements that create a barrier to peace. On countless occasions, when Israel felt it had a chance to make peace it has removed Jews from their homes in their eternal homeland. 

This sad fact goes hand in hand with the greatest hoax of all, the Palestinian People. If the Arabs wanted peace, they could have had it on numerous occasions. They could have had themselves a state for their “Palestinians” brothers in 1948, but they put the annihilation of Jewish Liberty first. Same goes for 2000 and the second Camp David talks.

Peace means accepting International Law, and that contradicts the laws of Arabist colonialism. 

Until Israeli leaders get this, we can forget about peace. 

The Arab, Muslim, colonialist invention of the Palestinian people was brought about to work directly against Jewish self-determination. 

The Hebron Massacre of 1929 (there were many other pogroms carried out by Arabs against Jews during the mandate period) happened because of incitement against Jews by the original “Palestinian” Haj Amin al-Husseini. 

Husseini was to Arab, fascist colonialism, what Hitler was to Fascist Nazi Germany. 

He is the root of Palestinian Nationalism and he was a Nazi to the core. 

Husseini went to great efforts to raise battalions for his dear friend Adolf Hitler and drew up a final solution for the Jews of Israel. 

What does this mean? Palestinian Nationalism is equal to Nazism, which of course would explain the disgusting, sub-human anti-Semitic incitement being carried out by Arab leaders who call themselves Palestinians. 

And yet Israel is still here. 

To find the key to unlock peace Israeli leaders finally need to come to terms with these facts.  

Iran is not our biggest problem, it is the enemy that is closest that is the greatest problem. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems to have grasped this when he made it clear that there will be no peace without recognition of the Jewish Nations unalienable rights to Israel.

He made this clear when he said that it is the continual incitement inside of Arab Palestinian society that creates the largest barrier to Peace. 

This must become the continued mantra of Israel's government, no recognition of Jewish rights, no peace.

The EU must know that there will be no peace and certainly no peace talks until the Arabs learn that Israel is here to stay, Period! 

As of right now, the Palestinian leadership from Hamas to the PA behaves as an enemy to Israel. 

Therefore they should be treated as an enemy, as it was in the past. 

They will remain our enemies and be treated this way until the Palestinians learn to teach their children to respect Jewish rights, liberties and life. Making them understand this is the key to peace.

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