Friday, October 23, 2015


By: Simon Fischler

This is a fact. -- the Palestinians are not interested in living in peace with Israel. Their culture, from school books to children's TV is ripe with anti-Semitism.

And it has always been this way.

Palestinian hatred of Jews dates back to the person who created Palestinian Nationalism, Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini, a Nazi, a supporter of Adolf Hitler and creator of the Final Solution for the Jews of Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is taking a lot of flack for stating the truth about the Nazi founder of Palestinian society, but no matter how much they try to cover it up, the Factual Nazi skeletons have been let out of the Palestinians closet.

No matter how much the Palestinians, and their Jew hating supporters attempt to re-write history, they just can't. Because it is undeniable fact that it was the Arabs, led by Nazi, Palestinian forefather Husseini who rejected, OUTRIGHT, the UN partition plan and peace in 1948.

Just recently another Palestinian leader stood in front of the UN and rejected the two state solution.

Last month, Mahmoud Abbas told the United Nations General Assembly that the Palestinian Authority is no longer bound by the Oslo Agreements. 

That means the Palestinians no longer accept Israel's right to exist.

He immediately turned the Palestinian propaganda machine into high-gear knowing it would fan the flames of racist and murderous attacks against Israeli Jews.

Abbas did this to cover up the fact that it is Palestinian Arabs who were changing the "Status Quo" on the Temple Mount by physically attacking Jewish and Christian tourists. 

And it was Abbas, the Palestinian Authority and the Waqf that let Palestinian Arabs bring home made bombs (they still kill), knives and hand guns into the Al-Aksa mosque.

They turned their supposed "Holy Site" into an armory.

Israel must stop fuming and start acting, even if it is in defiance of the world.

No more talking with Hamas, or talking about whether life would be better with or without Hamas running Gaza.

No, it's just Hamas removal time, one hundred percent. 

Israel must preempt Hamas, dealing it a blow that will destroy its ability to govern the strip.

Then Israel should work with Egypt to create a government in Gaza that will strive for a better future for the people of Gaza. If they resist lock the gates and let chaos reign.

The best way to carry out this policy is to return, immediately, to the targeted assassinations of Israel's enemies. 

The same goes for targeting those who delegitimize Israel.

While carrying out this mission Israel should also work with governments around the world to get BDS labeled what it is, an anti-Semitic movement bent on creating another holocaust.

Great progress has been made inside of America and with congress to have BDS made illegal. 

The same can be done with European nations.

Yes, it is possible to get what is right made right, but only if Israel takes the initiative.

We need to remember the best defense is a great offense.

And when this does not work, Israel must make it clear to the countries that won't work with it, that it views the delegitimization of Israel as a Casus-Belli.

Those who are attempting to create what the Brown Shirts did in Germany, by ushering in the Nazi party through extortion, manipulation and violence, on Americam campuses must be eliminated, immediately, period

This list starts with Omar Barghoutti. Israel went after and eliminated Adolf Eichman, Omar is no different! 

Israel must become the game-changer and must start acting immediately, from international law to pre-emptive strikes. This is policy that made Israel and the IDF so great in the past.

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