Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mahmoud Abbas, the King of Incitement, Has Brought us a Religious War

By Simon Fischler 

Hearing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas say to the foreign media that the Palestinian People would not resort to violence and that there would not be a Third Intifada could almost be funny. 

Sadly thanks to the racist, anti-Semitic incitement of the Palestinian Authority and President Mahmoud Abbas the situation here in Israel and the Arab Occupied provinces of Judea and Samaria has become desperate.

When I say desperate I am taking about desperate for the Arabs who live inside of Israel proper and Judea and Samaria. 

Yes, the situation is difficult for Jewish Israelis, but we have been dealing with this difficult situation since departing Egypt thousands of years ago.

The situation has broken out into another violent chapter of Israel’s war of Independence. 

Day by day Arabs are attempting to kill Jews solely because they are Jews. The incitement that created this disastrous mess started in one place, The Palestinian Authority.  

And as always Arabs the world over are attempting to blame Israel for the murderous actions of the Palestinian people. 

This is both political and diplomatic madness based on anti-Semitism. 

When you have Turkey, a country that created I.S.I.S and kills Kurds like it was a sport attack Israel for defending itself against the daily Palestinian lust for Jewish blood you know no matter what Israel does this anti-Semitic world will portray it as the bad guy. 

Same goes for the Arab League, instead of taking responsibility for the fact that Palestinians are attempting to Kill Jews in Israel they wish to call for the international community to protect the same Palestinian killers.

This will end very badly for the Arabs here, like Syria bad, like mass refugees never coming home bad. 

I know Abbas was desperate, we horrible Israelis just didn't understand him and we should have done more to help him, BULLSHIT!

President Abbas was looking to make headlines.

The man has been desperate for a long time thanks largely to American President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. 

Both of these foreign policy geniuses led Abbas up a tree with their remarks of no negotiations without a settlement freeze(something no Israeli leader has ever agreed to) and then failed to provide him with the ladder to climb down.

Thanks to Obama and Kerry, Mahmoud Abbas refuses to sit down with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hence he has given the Palestinian people no hope and no positive future whatsoever. 

Palestinian Arabs are no dummies, they happen to be some of the best educated in the Arab world. 

The Palestinians knew all along that the moves made by Abbas and his henchman Saeb Erekat at international bodies like the International Criminal Court and the United Nations were not going to win the Palestinians a state.

They knew that if anything it would just anger the Israeli government and Israeli citizens like myself. 

So, like his predecessor, Yassar Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas was looking to start a small fire to move blame from himself over to Israel.

Here is the problem with Abbas’ plan. 

It is almost impossible to control fire. And when you set a fire out in the wild, they almost always get out of control. 

On numerous occasions the Government of Israeli made it clear to President Mahmoud Abbas, King Abdullah the Second of Jordan and Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi that Israel was not going to change the Status Quo for Jewish Prayer on the Temple Mount, even if it is the Jewish Nations most revered sight. 

Somehow only al-Sissi got the message of the Israeli government.

A better way of looking at it, al-Sissi is locked in the same battle side-by-side with Israel fighting Islamic Nazis in the Sinai Peninsula. 

In the Sinai it makes no difference to Egypt or Israel whether the militants call themselves Hamas, Islamic Jihad, I.S.I.S or Al Qaeda. All of them were spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood, the group that gave birth to all of the fanatical, fascist, Muslim militias. 

The best way for Abbas and Abdullah to shift blame from their own governmental issues  and all the corruption within their own systems was to create some sort of conflict with Israel. 
So they decided to feed these fanatical groups lies by accusing the Israeli government of changing the status quo on the Temple Mount. 

This is the worst type of incident because it is religious incitement.

So Abbas with the support of King Abdullah opened up the flood gates of a religious war and once those gates are opened they are almost impossible to shut.

Thanks to the deviant lies spread by Abbas, Israel must now prepare for war on all of her borders and inside of her borders too. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government must act in a more rapid and aggressive fashion. 

First- The Israel government must green-light targeted assassinations of all Hamas and Islamic Jihad members, not to mention many members from al-Fatah. It must start from the top with the highest of their leaders on to the bottom of the ladder. 

It needs to be made clear that hunting season is now open, and that there is a very high price for spilling Jewish blood! 

Second- It is time for Israel to reconsider its relationship with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. 

King Abdullah sits upon his throne thanks only to the might and protection of Israel. Yet, whenever he is needed to make a courages decision, he always takes the easier route of attacking Israel. 

This is no longer acceptable, period! 

It may be time for Israel to assist the Palestinian people, who are a 70% majority in the Hashemite Kingdom in attaining their freedom and self-determination inside of Jordan. 

Third- It is URGENT for Israeli leaders like Itzhak Herzog, Yair Lapid and Avigdor Lieberman to put aside politics, show solidarity for the country and join the government. 

Today, at this very moment, Israel needs a government of National Unity. 

If Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs to show some modesty, to admit that at this point the government needs help, then so be it. 

This is the time for Bibi to show the people who voted for him (myself included) that he is bigger than the Likud and that he represents all of Israel. 

He can do this by asking for help…even from the opposition. 

Only when he does this, only if he can piece together a National Unity government in this troubled time, will Bibi be able to call himself a true leader in THE vein of Ben Gurion, Begin and Rabin

Israel is facing a very dark hour, but we have faced many dark times like this before. 

Sadly what the Palestinian do not understand, these dark times they inflict upon us, they only make us stronger, they only make us want to fight harder.

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