Friday, October 23, 2015


By Simon Fischler

At what point does the world stop and demand responsibility from the Palestinian people?

When does the world demand an end to the anti-Semitism and the incitement created by the Palestinian Authority, its leader Mahmoud Abbas, Hamas and much of the Arab world?
When does the United Nations, the European Union and the United States of America under President Barack Obama say enough to Arab, colonialist anti-Semitism?
Never, that is when!
Because of O.R.E.A.M. That means Oil Rules Everything Around Me, dollah, dollah bill y’all.
Pick up almost anything in your house and it will have some sort of petroleum product in it. Then remember that Arabs have been controlling petroleum/oil for the last century.
Arab oil money has long been buying up the media, to the point where the militant Muslims now have their own cable news network for spewing their lies and innuendo, Al-Jazeera.
Arab oil nations have been the largest “donors” to Western Universities. Countries such as Qatar and the U.A.E have poured billions of dollars into American coffers to buy American and Western arms.
Yet the world stands quiet as Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas incite religious hatred against Israel. 

They refuse to acknowledge that Israel has been diligently keeping the status quo at the Temple Mount. And remember, that means that Israel prevents Jews and Christians form praying on the Temple Mount.
Also take into account that the Temple Mount is where the Arab, Muslim world carried out one of the most hideous acts of religious desecration by intentionally building the Al-Alksa mosque where it knew the Jewish Temples once stood.
Let’s get back to Status Quo’s.
While Abbas and Hamas are running around inciting their people to kill Jews, the same Palestinian Authority was behind the burning of Joseph’s Tomb.
No, Israeli Jews did not pick up knives and go around slicing up Arabs because Joseph’s Tomb was torched by blood thirsty Arab fascists.
But the Abbas gang never stops.
It just attempted and failed to get UNESCO to declare the Western Wall a Muslim site.
John Kerry why are you so silent about this changing of the Status Quo?
The Wall is the Jewish Nation’s connection to our holiest site, the Temple Mount.
It is known thanks to science, that is archaeology, that the Western Wall – or the Wailing Wall – is the last remaining retaining wall of the Second Temple, built by the Jewish King, Herod the Great when he refurbished the Holy Temple.
This is an undeniable fact backed by science.
Racist denials concocted by the Palestinians remain at the heart of why there is no peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Not houses being built in Judea and Samaria.
It is never enough for the Palestinians. It is not enough that Jews can’t pray on the Temple Mount, they need to steal the Western Wall too.

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