Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The End of The Status Quo

By Simon Fischler 

From the right to the left, Israelis are tired of the status quo. We want change and we want it now.

Most of all we want change inside of our own borders. 

The majority of Israelis are no longer ready to except members of our Knesset who behave as a fifth column. 

Iran is not the problem, Hanin Zoabi is! 

What is even more distressing is that Ms. Zoabi has become this repugnant problem only because we here in Israel have granted her that freedom. 

Somehow the concept of freedom of speech has given Ms. Zoabi a license to incite against her country, against Jews, Arabs who want to integrate into Israeli society and even against her own family members (her cousin Mohammad came out against her policies and she had him beaten and threatened into hiding).

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must immediately change the laws that protect people like Hanin Zoabi. 

Her incitement and that of the Joint List is poisonous and it is intended to stop Israeli Arabs from integrating into Israeli society. It is intended on spreading hate against Israel and Jews through anti-Semitism. 

Their incitement is a knife into the heart of Israel twice over! 

Two days ago, the mayor of Nazareth, Ali Salem came out strongly against the Joint List, its mob of agitators and especially Hanin Zoabi and Ayman Odeh(who was supposed to represent change in Arab politics in the Knesset). 

He rightfully accused the Joint List of using and inciting young Israeli Arabs against their co-patriots and ruining the future of Arab culture inside Israel.

The response from Hanin Zoabi against Mr. Salem (he happens to be the Mayor of Israel’s largest Arab city and a man who must deal with his constituents on daily basis,)  is the smoking gun, revealing the truth behind the Joint List and its poisonous policies.

Here is Ms. Zoabi’s quote against Mr. Salem. 

“irresponsible and unpatriotic for a person wishing to fulfill his official leadership role toward his city.” “This is Israeli language, not Palestinian language,”  

Yes Hanin Zoabi, Mr. Salem is speaking for Israeli Arabs and not for Palestinian Arabs because he lives inside of Israel and is an Israeli Arab. 

Arabs who were born and live inside of Israel are Israeli Arabs, those who choose to associate themselves as Palestinian should go live in the Palestinian Authority territory. 

Since Ms. Zoabi sees herself as a Palestinian she should be fast tracked to the Palestinian Authority where she can take up residency as a Palestinian Arab. 

Mr. Salem knows what his job is, Hanin Zoabi does not. 

Ali Salem is the acting Mayor of the largest Arab city in Israel, his job is creating a better future for the people of Nazareth, creating security for the people of Nazareth and helping Israeli Arab society grow in a positive manner. 

Mr. Salem recognizes that Hamas Rhetoric and Palestinian lies aren't going to bring security and peace to his city. In fact they will do the exact opposite and Israel needs to applaud Mr. Salem for taking this courages step.

Ali Salem’s voice is the voice that represents the majority of Israeli Arabs, people who love their country, want more (and deserve more) when it comes to equality but are happy with being ISRAELI ARABS, not Palestinian Arabs. They love their country and many both Christian and Muslim are trying to find ways to contribute to Israel either by joining the Army or by doing national service.

More needs to be done to empower people like Ali Salem. His policies are the policies of peace, understanding and integration, while preserving Arab culture.

Sadly, Hanin Zoabi  and her gang of thugs will do everything to make Israeli Jews think differently of our Arab co-patriots. 

They make the noise and rant the racist, anti-Semitic rantings because they want Israelis Jews to see the majority of Israeli Arabs as a fifth column. 

They want to sow racist, anti-Semitic discourse because thats how they make headlines and without it they know that our two cultures will learn to work and live together in happiness. 

The same goes for the Islamic Movement of Israel.  

For too long our politicians have being bending over backward in their attempts to appease outside forces like the U.S State Department and the European Union in how we handle the Islamic Movement of Israel.

This is a terrorist organization, period. They are an offshoot of the Islamic Brotherhood and Hamas, both groups have been banned by Egypt.

The main goal of the Islamic Movement is to incite against Jews, call for the destruction of the Jewish State and to turn Muslim, Israeli Arabs into I.S.I.S. members of the future. 

There is absolutely no room for this inside of Israeli society. 

Furthermore, just as America has turned its guns and drones towards American citizens who have joined Al-Qaeda and I.S.I.S, so too, should Israel turn its guns in the direction of this menace to society. 

Recently a question was asked about what Israel should do with Sheik Raed Salah, I see it as a no-brainer. The future of Mr. Salah should be no different from that of Sheik Ahmed Yasmin.

This would be a game changer!

No longer should these people be put into prisons where they get to hone their nefarious skills and no longer should these agents of terror be given the ability to sit in prison and plane their next assault on Israel. 

Lastly, this same policy needs to be directed towards Hamas, Islamic Jihad and anyone who stands in front of peace. 

Israeli politicians who claim that if they were in the government they would deal Hamas, et-al, a lethal blow should stop talking and join the government. 

The same goes for those who make the claim that if they were in the government there would be peace negotiations, shut up and join the government. 

Israel does not need early elections, Israel needs a large and strong government able handle new threats against our people, Jewish, Arab, Druze, Bahai and Circassian.  

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