Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bassem Tamini, Terrorist, War Criminal and Child Abuser, Arrest Him Now

Bassem Tamini is coming to America, he's coming to promote Nazi, Arab Fascism to American youth. 

If you do not know who Bassem Tamini is then I will give you a little information on who this abhorrent person is. 

Mr. Tamini hails from the town of Nabei Saleh. 

Every week he forms a mob to assail Israeli civilians and to attack the soldiers enforced with guarding the Wall of Life. The Wall of Life is the wall Israel was forced to construct to prevent Arab terrorists from entering Israel. 

It is important to remember that, sadly, this Wall of Life, was not built until after the Palestinian people, people like Bassem Tamini, rejected peace under the Clinton protocols. After rejecting peace and Palestinian Statehood they started a genocidal war against the citizens of Israel; using homicide bombings to maim and kill as many Israelis as possible. 

Bassem Tamini is the Hamas/B.D.S kingpin in Nabei Saleh and is also a leader of child soldiers. They may happen to be his own children, but they are still children being used as soldiers. 

It is still appalling that this man intentionally puts his own children into physically dangerous and easily life threatening situations on a regular basis. If this were to happen in America the parent would have his children stripped from them in matter of seconds. 

There is absolutely nothing courages about this man, like many other publicity whores this devious person is using his own children in the most sadistic of manners.

His use of children as soldiers against Jews is also well documented and can be seen on youtube. 

Tamini's daughter Ahed is a Pallywood (the name given to the videos of Arab doctored situations created to make Israeli soldiers look bad for the foreign media) starlet often called Shirley Temper. 

But here is what is important.

Legally, Bassem Tamini, is clearly in direct confrontation with everything written in the Geneva convention. He is literally committing crimes against humanity/war crimes by using his own children to attack Israeli Jews and soldiers with the hopes of getting them to give a physical response in return. Hence they have become child soldiers on the frontline of this conflict.

Instead of being flown to America so he can spread lies and innuendo against Israel, Bassem Tamini should be arrested for child abuse and crimes against humanity. 

Mr, Tamini has also made it clear that he is coming to America to start an American intifada against Israel. 

Is this something that the American State Department is ok with? 

There is freedom of speech and then there is incitement to hatred. When Mr. Tamini started bragging about flying to America to recruit American youth to fight in an intifada to destroy Jewish self-determination he clearly went well past the norms of freedom of speech.

This makes me ask the question, how in the world did Bassem Tamini get a visa into the United States of America? 

The Americans working for the State Department on the ground in Israeli most know who the man is and what his record is. 

This is an embarrassment for the American State department and seriously calls into question whether the Obama Administration is working with the B.D.S movement.  

My second question, how did Bassem Tamini get a visa into the United States of America to speak at American institutions of higher learning? 

Does the American government really think it is acceptable for a man, who behaves in the reprehensible manner of Bassem Tamini, should be allowed into its borders to spread more slander and fabrications against Israel at American institutions of higher learning?
My third question, why was Mr. Tamini not arrested the second he got off of the plane he flew in on? 

I would love to know why Secretary of State John Kerry thought it was acceptable to give a visa to a person who intentionally puts children (his own) into potentially life threatening situations as bait against Israeli soldiers and wants to start and “American Intifada” against Israel.

Mohammad Tamini, son of Bassem, was caught throwing stones at Israeli motorists last August after being directed to by his father.

 An Israeli soldier was forced to stop the child from throwing more stones at Jewish drivers and endangering more lives. Mr. Tamini, knowing a golden publicity moment was at hand, sent daughter Ahed over to attack the soldier (of course he would never put his life in danger). 

The incident of Ahed Tamini bitting an IDF soldier was caught on film, as it was intended for. 

What sums up everything about this heinous man, Bassem Tamini, and his deplorable children, is the quote he gave about the incident involving his son and daughter. 

Mr. Tamini called this his “latest tool” to promote BDS efforts.

“When we are able to get a video like this, we can use it to great effect,” he said. “When enough people here see these videos and hear our stories, it can start a kind of intifada [popular Palestinian uprising] against Israel in the United States.”

I am asking everyone that reads this to write to your Senators and Congressmen demanding that Mr. Tamini be arrested Immediately. 

Those who brought this criminal over to the United States of America (Friends of Sabeel, Interfaith Peace-Builders and the Jewish Voice for Peace) should be immediately investigated for working with Hamas, aiding and abetting a war criminal and promoting armed conflict against an allied country. 

If Mr. Tamini manages to escape prison in the United States then Israel must arrest him immediately upon his arrival. 

Either it is understood or not, B.D.S is not a joke. They may not be the strong enemy that many try to make them out to be, they have suffered more losses than they have won victories. 

Still for those who guard the safety of the Jewish Nation it is imperative that they understand the type of fight raging right now with B.D.S and their Gestapo’s like Bassem Tamini. 

This is a street brawl and we need to fight it that way, to the bone and bloodying every nose possible. It also must be made very clear by the Israel Defense Forces, anyone attempting to delegitimize the Jewish Nation State will end up in the middle of a target site.   

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