Monday, February 22, 2016


By Schmoel Yitzhak

John Kerry is back and still blowing smoke.

This time he visited his Arab buddies at their Ramallah digs and suggested that the Israelis and Palestinians (as phony a term that ever was coined) hammer out a peace deal.

Too bad the stupid Secretary of State didn't take time out to chat with Mahmoud Abbas and his advisors about the tidal wave of Jew-hating emanating from every Arab pore in the West Bank and Gaza.

This is not a once a week or once a month gushing of vicious libel and other forms of anti-Israel propaganda. The vitriol spews virtually very minute from one Arab source to another.

Kerry's disgustingly dopey response is to pretend that both sides are at fault. In other words it's fine and dandy for some Palestinian to stab an Israeli to death but it's n.g. (as in no good) when an Israeli retaliates.

Not that Kerry is alone in his dream that some sort of reconciliation can be effected between the warring parties. 

And you'd better believe that it is a real war. 

The Arab killers are not acting independently; no, this is a well-coordinated, craftily choreographed offensive dispatched from three obvious points; 1. Ramallah; 2. Gaza and, of course, 3. Iran.

Stronger by far than either the Palestinian Authority or Hamas, the Iranians believe they have carte blanch to attack Israel.

Who can blame them for that line of thinking since they get all the encouragement they need from Barack Obama.

The misguided, misanthrope of a president did everything in his power to empower the Iranians. 

His absolutely absurd courting of Iran leadership that endlessly ridicules Uncle Sam will go down in history as one of the dopiest decision ever made by any leadership, anywhere.

Not that it wasn't well-planned. From the very get-go of the Obama administration I warned readers right here on these pages that the president would help destroy Israel.

He feigned friendship on occasion but we all knew better. His disgraceful treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu was merely one of many clues to the president's Israeli hatred.

Now it's worse than ever since he's a lame duck leader and Iran can do virtually anything it likes with impunity to hurt Israel.

Kerry knows that as well as anyone so one can only assume that his visit to Ramallah was merely to garner a free meal.


Is he kidding?

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