Wednesday, February 10, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜


We hear this term used all the time when discussing the conflict between Israel and the Arab/Islamic world.

Today the status-quo for Israel has become a Trojan horse. 

The status-quo is the misconception that Israel can somehow make peace with an ideology, culture and political system that is based on colonialism, aggression and dominance. Fascism to the core.

Aggression and dominance is at the epicenter of Arab Islamic culture. All one needs to do is to turn on the TV today, watch the news and see who is at the heart of the conflicts around the world. 

I know, this will make both Ben Affleck, Coldplay, and Matt Damon cry, but it is reality. 

Arabism and Islamism cannot be separated. It is the Arab Nation under Mohammad that took the Jewish Nations laws and turned them into the Quran and Islam. 

Today we have Arab men dominating Arab women under the guise of Islam’s chauvinistic principles. 

Today Arab muslims are slaughtering the minority populations inside their lands. Sunni Muslims are murdering Shia muslims and vice versa. 

All of this starts and ends with Arabist Islam or Islamist Arab Nationalism. Both are the incubators of Fascist colonialism. 

In relation to Israel we have the Arab Muslim dream and need to dominate the Children of Israel and deny them their unalienable rights of freedom and self-determination in the land of Israel, rights that happen to be guaranteed by INTERNATIONAL LAW under the auspicious of the United Nations!

Again I know the facts stated above will infuriate modern anti-Semites like Coldplay. They want so bad to see Israel destroyed, but Jewish Freedom does happen to be international law whether they like it or not. 

Why do so many Arabs Muslims say that the Jewish Nation on a whole needs to be wiped out, not just the Jews of Israel? 

Its simple enough, think of it as a Monarchy, the king and his princes. 

The oldest prince will always get the crown, hence why so many princes spent their lives trying to kill their fathers and brothers. 

Israel was first, the Tanach was first, ancient Israel was first, a nation long before Mohammad was born or the Arabs knew where Israel was! 

It was the Jews who first rejected Mohammad as a prophet (why Jew-Hatred is enshrined in Islam).

All of this stands in direct confrontation to Arabism and Islam. 

Arabist/Islamists are no fools. They know they can’t dominate the world if uppity Jews are controlling Israel!

The lull/status-quo was started in 1948 with the Arab/Islamic rejection of international law that stated clearly that the ethnic /cultural/religious nation of the Jews has the right to their homeland in which they were born.

The decision to free the Jewish Nation was the morally correct decision to make. It is a surprise the world actually made it, but it also was in direct confrontation to Arabist/Islamist hopes of dominating the Middle-East and from their Asia, Europe and the Americas. 

This status-quo was intensified and made far more dangerous in 1991 with the Madrid talks and then in 1993 with the signing of the Oslo Accords.

It is the mantra of those who continue to propagate this status-quo that Israel needs to give up land for peace. 
Israel must recognise a made up group of people, created solely to enact another Holocaust against the Jewish Nation. 

The representatives of the so called “Palestinian” Arabs -- from moderates to Jihadis -- refuse to recognize the Jewish Nations right to freedom. This is the heart of the problem, not buildings nor acres of land. 

It is this Arabist/Islamist refusal to accept the rights of others, in this case of the Jewish Nation, that is snowballing this “Status-Quo” into what could be yet another Holocaust for the Jews. 

Here is a question, why is ethnic cleansing acceptable when it is Jews who are being ethnically cleansed? 

Are those who demand that Judea and Sarmaria be Jew free clueless to the fact that they are wholeheartedly supporting ethnic cleansing?

If you are trying to convince me that ethnic cleansing (the idea floated to remove Jews from Judea and Samaria is one of the most anti-Semitic concepts sense the Nuremberg laws) is ok for Jews than why shouldn't Israel deposit the Arabs now occupying Judea and Samaria into Jordan?

It is imperative that Jews wake up to these realities. 

It would also help if the international community learned tuned into reality but Jews should know better than to rely on others for their future. Especially the European Union as they have been assisting the Arabs since 1948.

From Hamas to Abbas the Arabs make it clear, no matter how much land Israel gives them it will never be enough. 

Here's a dose of reality. What has Secretary of State John Kerry brought to the negotiating table? 

We hear endlessly from Secretary Kerry how much he supposedly loves Israel. 

Then a moment later we hear from Kerry and his lackeys on the Israeli Left that if Israel doesn't hurry back to the negotiating table the "demographic problem" facing Israel will destroy it. 

Has Secretary of State Kerry found a Palestinian leader that is ready to recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation State? 

Has Secretary Kerry found a Palestinian leader ready to forgo the made-up Right of Return? 

It is important to understand that when I say the Palestinian Right of Return is made up, it is just that. 

This Palestinian pipe dream comes from a NON-BINDING RECOMMENDATION by the UN General Assembly and not international law, which would need a resolution passed from the United Nations Security Council. 

And there is no such thing. 

If John Kerry and the European Union have not found a Palestinian leader ready to do any of this than negotiations are pointless, they have no solution to anything connected to demographics, peace or the Arabist/Islamist colonialist dream of destroying Israel! 

These are the hard-core facts Israelis and Jews world wide need to comprehend. 

Believing anything else is fooling yourself.

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